What is PhotoFoods Service?

As vendors introduce new foods and modify composition of existing foods, some foods might be missing from the food database or become out of date. With MyNetDiary, on Android, iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads with camera, you can send us food and nutrition label photos directly from the app. We will add or update the food and enter all nutrients for you! We strive to process foods in 24 hours.

You can access PhotoFoods from the Food Label screen to update an existing food (use the "Update" button in the top right corner), or from Custom Food screen when you are entering a new food.

When you use PhotoFoods, please make sure you searched for the right food. If you send us photo of what you ate, but the food you selected in search does not match, we would not be able to update its nutrients - it's a different food and that would make its nutrients wrong. When you are sending us photos, please make sure that there is no such food in the database and that you selected the right food in search!

Also, you can turn PhotoFoods off on the Custom Food screen and enter all nutrients yourself, if you prefer to do this yourself.

See also PhotoFood help page.


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