What is Food Score / Grade?

Food Score indicates a food's relative healthfulness compared to other similar foods. It is intended to help you make healthier selections within categories of foods (e.g. pick the healthier breakfast cereal).

Food Score is a single number calculated from multiple nutrient values found on Nutrition Facts. The higher is the Food Score, the better.

Food Grade is a letter representing Food Score range: A, B, C or D. Please read Food Score article for more details.

MyNetDiary needs to use an automated scoring system to handle the extremely large food item database. There are a number of other food scoring systems available but MyNetDiary cannot be limited by a manual system with a small database of foods. MyNetDiary is considering how to develop and test their own food scoring system so that it stays current with nutrition science, as well as stays abreast of the new food label (due in 2020).

Hiding Food Score

If you want to hide Food Score (or Food Grade) from view on your food log or reports, then you can do that via Settings in mobile apps and Plan - Nutrient Targets section on the website. You can choose to view the Food Grade (instead of Food Score) via Settings.


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