Serving Size Entry Changes

In recent updates of iPhone and Android apps, there was a small change in the way of selecting servings.

Previously, if you have entered a number (for example "1.5") and then tapped one of the previous inputs on the right (for example "2.5 cup"), the app would keep the number and assign serving type from the previous input tapped ("1.5" would become "1.5 cup" in this example).

We've spent a lot of time experimenting and polishing the app, including formal usability testing and found out that this behavior is confusing and not obvious for about 83% of people. The majority expects to see on selection exactly what they have tapped ("2.5 cup" in this example).

So, we had to change this app behavior, to make it simpler and less confusing for the majority. The challenge was to provide an easy way to select serving type after typing amount for our long-time users who are accustomed to the old way. To achieve that, we simplified the serving list, eliminating any numbers from servings other than previous servings, while ensuring that all possible serving types are always available.

We believe that this is a good compromise - the new way is less confusing for new users, without adding extra taps for existing users:

1. If you need the previously used value and serving combination, you tap it and it's entered. Now it works the same way consistently, regardless of what is entered in the amount box. The old way when tapping on a previous entry only changes units feels not logical and unexpected - in apps, if you tap on something, the whole gets selected, not just a part of it.

2. If you typed the number e.g. "2.5" and need to enter "cup" from the list on the right, you still need just one tap to select this serving type as before, only instead of (non-obvious) option to tap some previous input with a different number of cups, now you would tap the "cup" option without numbers. It is still just one tap, no extra taps needed!

We hope you see the logic behind the change. We always strive to find a good compromise.


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