How can I set Calorie Budget?

MyNetDiary calculates "weight maintenance" calories for you based on your personal data (current weight, height, activity level, age) and target date or weight loss rate. Then, assuming that to lose a pound per week you needed to lose 3,500 calories weekly, MyNetDiary calculates daily calorie deficit needed and subtracts it from the "maintenance" calories.

MyNetDiary can calculate calories up to 2 lb/week rate. The reason for the 2 lb/week limit is that if you create a larger calorie deficit then your body metabolism changes and the rule "3,500 calories = 1 lb of fat" stops working. But, while MyNetDiary won't be able to calculate your target calories for over 2 lb/week rate, if you have a doctor's recommendation, you can set target daily calories manually, overriding MyNetDiary's calculations.

In mobile apps, you can plan your diet on the Plan screen. If you need to override MyNetDiary's calculations, simply tap the Plan row and edit them.

Calorie Budget is possible to customize on My Plan screen.

On the website, you can plan your diet on the Plan page.

You can also adjust fats, carbs, and protein targets, which will automatically recalculate calories. Each gram of fat is 9 calories; protein and carbs are 4 calories. Some people prefer to reduce fats, some prefer fewer carbs, some reduce fats and carbs proportionally. Also, please, review MyNetDiary planning guidelines on setting calorie goals and nutrient goals.


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