What if I do not find food in the database?

First of all, you can find and use a similar food. It's OK to log a similar food, the most important thing is to keep tracking, eating better, and you will be losing weight!

But, if you are looking for most accurate tracking, read on, there are many options in MyNetDiary!

If you are using a mobile app, the best option is to send us PhotoFood request - a photo of packaging with food name and a photo of its Nutrition Facts. We typically process PhotoFoods within 24 hours, entering all nutrients for you. Please use the Custom Food screen with PhotoFoods option ON.

Alternatively, you can create your own custom food and enter all nutrients yourself. Enter the food name, the serving, optionally, weight and the nutritional information as it printed on the label on the package.

You can also create a new custom food as a recipe based on existing foods as ingredients or simply create a new custom food from scratch while performing food entry. Custom foods and recipes can be created from phone, from iPad or the website.

It is also possible to create a custom food by copying an existing food at the web site: select the food in food table, click "Food Details" button, then click "Copy and customize" link.

Finally, you can find and copy other users' custom foods via Community Search.


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