iPhone Health App (Healthkit) Sync

MyNetDiary, when running on iPhone with iOS 8.0.2 or later, can sync foods, 34 nutrients, including water nutrient, body fat percentage, weight, height, BMI, lean body mass, BP, Heart Rate (Pulse), BG, workouts and more to iOS Health app

To protect your privacy, the sync is OFF initially, you have to open "iOS Health App Sync" from MyNetDiary app's Setting screen and turn it on. If this is the first time you enable sync, your iPhone will prompt you with a large list, and you have to turn on the items that you are interested in. Make sure to tap "Done" after you are finished!

Export to Health App

Foods and Nutrients

MyNetDiary sends most detailed information - each food and each nutrient (up to 30 nutrients). We recommend enabling time tracking in MyNetDiary Settings, otherwise MyNetDiary will send breakfast foods as eaten at 8am, lunch - at 12pm, snacks - 3pm, and dinner - at 7pm.

Other Exports

Besides foods and nutrients, MyNetDiary can export to the Health App your exercise records, body weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose readings. Please note that BP and BG tracking is provided only with MyNetDiary Premium.


If you have two MyNetDiary apps installed, for example, Free app and Pro app, make sure you enable sync in only one of them, otherwise both apps will send updates to Health App, creating duplicates.

Import From Health App

  • workouts
  • activity
  • daily steps
  • body weight
  • diastolic and systolic blood pressure
  • blood glucose
  • water

  • These data can be added to the Health App by other fitness apps. The workouts and steps data can be also added to the Health App by Apple Watch.

    If Health App workouts don't show up in MyNetDiary, please see Troubleshooting Health App Workout Import support article for detailed, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions.

    See the demo video.


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