What is "contributed" foods?

There are three types of foods in MyNetDiary: contributed, system and custom types.

It is important to understand quality difference between 571,000 high-quality system foods and 296,000 so called "contributed" foods. Contributed foods are the copies of custom user foods, which are selected and beautified by automatic algorithms, then saved to the food database so that everyone can find them while logging foods.

For example, after entering "heinz ketchup" foods you will see food names with "(contributed)" suffix. Please, notice, that contributed foods do not go through the rigorous verification process applied to system foods in the food catalog.

Contributed food have anomalies in nutrient data, there are duplicated foods, misspellings and abbreviations in contributed food names etc. Any MyNetDiary user can improve contributed food definition. This is why the quality of contributed foods improves over time and approaches the quality typical for system foods maintained by MyNetDiary team.

If you do not want to see contributed foods among the search results, please modify "Contributed foods" option at Account page. Also, notice, that this option does not affect your custom foods, which are always searched along with the system foods.

MyNetDiary Diabetes allows users to find system foods and create custom foods when needed. Contributed foods are hidden from MyNetDiary Diabetes users.


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