I sent the photos of Nutrition Facts and Package Front, but the food is not updated

Typically, we update nutrition facts during 24 hours. If nutrition facts are not updated, please search for the similar food name. There is a chance we slightly corrected the food name (according to the photos sent). Otherwise, photofood "Status: Uploaded" has to be changed to some rejection reason. Please look up the details of the food from where you submitted your request. You may see some advice or solution (like "Sent photo is not clear. Please retake.", "Sent photo does not match selected food", "Food already exists. Please search again by typing its name." or so on).

Note: Updating the nutrition facts is slightly different from assigning of the barcodes. Please do not send us PhotoFood request if scanner finds the item with the name different to the name printed on the real package. In this case, simply re-assign the barcode to the right item.


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