Refunds of iOS App Store Purchases

If you purchased one of the MyNetDiary iOS apps or MyNetDiary Premium subscription via iOS in-app purchase, it was sold to you by Apple Inc. Our company, MyNetDiary Inc, is just one of many app developers providing its software and services to Apple, and Apple is the store selling the goods. The sale is between you and Apple and its terms and conditions are set by Apple, not by us.

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a way for app developers like MyNetDiary to refund your purchases. Like a manufacturing company cannot provide refunds for something you have bought at Walmart, we cannot refund your purchases made at iOS App Store.

If you would like to get a refund, you should contact Apple. Their return and refund policies vary country-by-country, so please see their policies specific to your country. As of 2016, in-app purchases made on the US iOS App Store are not refundable by Apple, please see iTunes Terms and Conditions and search (it's a very long document) for In-App Subscriptions.

MyNetDiary Website Refunds

For new MyNetDiary Premium accounts opened and purchased via MyNetDiary website, we provide full 14-day money-back guarantee and no-questions-asked refunds.


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