Setting specific macronutrient targets

When calculating your diet plan, MyNetDiary distributes Daily Food Calorie Budget among macronutrients. One gram of fat is considered to be 9 calories, while a gram of carbs or proteins is 4 calories.

For example, a 2,000 Calorie Budget with 25% of calories coming from fat, 50% from carbs, and 25% from proteins means that 500 calories should come from fat, 1,000 - from carbs, and 500 - from proteins. These calories are re-calculated into 56 grams of fat (that is 500 / 9), 250 gram of carbs (that is 1,000 / 4), and 125 grams of proteins (that is 500 / 4).

Thus, when you adjust your macronutrient targets, MyNetDiary will apply the last two macronutrient targets you set, and then adjust the third macronutrient in order to meet your Calorie Budget.

If you would like to set specific target values for fats, carbs, and proteins, first you need to set your calorie target to the proper value calculated from macronutrients with gram of fat worth of 9 calories, gram of carbs or proteins worth of 4 calories. Then, when you enter first two macronutrient targets, MyNetDiary will set the third macronutrient to the value you want while meeting your Calorie Budget.

Please use the Plan section for customizing macronutrient targets.


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