What is Personal Activity Level in MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary uses Activity Level for estimating your calorie needs while creating your weight plan. You can choose one of the following levels in Plan segment:


A person engages in typical daily living activities (shopping, cooking, laundry, walking a few minutes to and from car/bus/train) but sits for much of the day. Sample occupations: computer programmers, office and phone jobs.

Low Active

Sedentary activities above PLUS 30-60 minutes of MODERATE daily activities (e.g. walks 2 miles at 3-4 mph). Sample occupations: school teachers, cashiers, retail workers, and stay-at-home parents with active children.


Sedentary activities above PLUS 60-120 minutes of MODERATE activities (e.g. walks more than 7 miles daily). Sample occupations: restaurant servers, light construction workers, cleaning professionals, and nursing.

Very Active

Sedentary activities above PLUS 60 minutes or more of moderate activities PLUS 60 minutes of vigorous activity (or 120 minutes or more of moderate activity). Occupations: lumberjacks, heavy construction workers, and professional athletes (during their competitive and training seasons).


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