Is Nutrition Facts showing uncooked or cooked food?

MyNetDiary typically has several kinds of the same food, both cooked and uncooked. If the food name does not include words "cooked" or "uncooked" or "raw", then Nutrition Facts are for the most common form of consumption of this food. For meats and grains it would be cooked, for fruits and vegetables - raw or uncooked.

If you are in doubt please try adding "raw", or "fresh", or "cooked" to your food search, to find more matching foods.

Some foods simply don't have a cooked version and you are stuck with entering the raw amount. In that case, do the best that you can in terms of logging the raw or uncooked portion that eventually makes the cooked amount you consumed.

Some rules of thumb:
2 oz dry pasta generally makes about 1 cup cooked
1/4 cup dry white rice makes about 1/2 cup cooked
1/4 cup dry brown rice makes about 3/4 cup cooked
Most meats and fish will shrink about 25% with cooking (e.g. 4 oz raw hamburger is about 3 oz cooked)

You can learn more about tips for food logging in these posts.


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