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Announcements from MyNetDiary

Share Your Journey With Me? 3 messages

Last message on July 12 by Rachelbee16: Hello KayBee, I am a newbie too, or at least returning after a long lapse. I am still wqorking, in my late 50's. I battled colon cancer at 49, two surgeries and chemotherapy. I was already a comfort eater and that stress made it much worse and I...

New MyNetDiary icon poll - which one you like? 6 messages

Last message on June 19 by KayBee: I voted

Ketogenic diet? 12 messages

Last message on February 28 by Dietician: Hi U3953850 and all, I agree with the food grade measure giving some wacky feedback and I will pass your comments on to the developers. As food companies transition to the new food label, this system will become even more flawed. In the...

Toujeo insulin question 3 messages

Last message on 11/21/16 by Dietitian: Toujeo is a long acting insulin (300 Units/mL). You can use "basal" as the description. Sorry, it doesn't look like this particular forum gets viewed for posting replies - it's for announcements from MyNetDiary. If you have specific questions...

Diabetes & Diet Tracker for Android Phone and Tablet 3 messages

Last message on 01/30/16 by Bearranch1: First, let me say that I love this app and it helps me stay healthy. I have Diabetes Tracker on my iphone. I have mynetdiaryPRO on my Kindle. But I really need Diabetes Tracker on the Kindle. I know that it is available for Android/Google Play. Is...

iPhone apps have been updated 12/3/15 2 messages

Last message on 12/04/15 by Walker: The calendar search for the iphone is a winner. I've been waiting for this. Thank you

iPhone app updates are finished! 4 messages

Last message on 09/22/15 by U2249197: The Apple Watch app and glance do not force a "refresh" of data. In order to see the new data on the watch, you must launch the app on the iPhone. Counter Intuitive and completely negates the value of the glance.

Android planning reworked 1 messages

Last message on 04/08/15 by Support: Hi everyone: We have completely reworked My Plan screen in the latest release of Android app: no Save button, weight plan and calorie allowance are determined without leaving the screen, safety advices are provided via bulb icon. When you lose...

MyNetDiary's iPhone app have been updated! 1 messages

Last message on 04/04/15 by Support: New features: * Great Today widget. * New built-in support system, with FAQs and support form in the app. * Improved planning. * Many improvements in the diabetes area (available in Diabetes Tracker app and with MyNetDiary Maximum). * Fully...

MyNetDiary website redesign is coming! 6 messages

Last message on 03/31/15 by DaddyFitz: I'd love to see Digifit integraton! Most HRM's will sync with them, and then they can sync through you! It works great with MFP...but I'd rather use MND and enter the info manually than deal with all the bad data on MFP.

Announcements from MyNetDiary. Announcements from MyNetDiary