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Announcements from MyNetDiary

New MyNetDiary icon poll - which one you like? 9 messages

Last message on 12/02/19 by Amyloulou: Again I think the original is fab! But voted anyway ??

Hello 3 messages

Last message on 11/16/19 by Happiness: Thanks for those kind and encouraging words :)

Share Your Journey With Me? 3 messages

Last message on 07/12/19 by Rachelbee16: Hello KayBee, I am a newbie too, or at least returning after a long lapse. I am still wqorking, in my late 50's. I battled colon cancer at 49, two surgeries and chemotherapy. I was already a comfort eater and that stress made it much worse and I...

Ketogenic diet? 12 messages

Last message on 02/28/19 by Dietician: Hi U3953850 and all, I agree with the food grade measure giving some wacky feedback and I will pass your comments on to the developers. As food companies transition to the new food label, this system will become even more flawed. In the...

Toujeo insulin question 3 messages

Last message on 11/21/16 by Dietitian: Toujeo is a long acting insulin (300 Units/mL). You can use "basal" as the description. Sorry, it doesn't look like this particular forum gets viewed for posting replies - it's for announcements from MyNetDiary. If you have specific questions...

Diabetes & Diet Tracker for Android Phone and Tablet 3 messages

Last message on 01/30/16 by Bearranch1: First, let me say that I love this app and it helps me stay healthy. I have Diabetes Tracker on my iphone. I have mynetdiaryPRO on my Kindle. But I really need Diabetes Tracker on the Kindle. I know that it is available for Android/Google Play. Is...

iPhone apps have been updated 12/3/15 2 messages

Last message on 12/04/15 by Walker: The calendar search for the iphone is a winner. I've been waiting for this. Thank you

iPhone app updates are finished! 4 messages

Last message on 09/22/15 by U2249197: The Apple Watch app and glance do not force a "refresh" of data. In order to see the new data on the watch, you must launch the app on the iPhone. Counter Intuitive and completely negates the value of the glance.

Android planning reworked 1 messages

Last message on 04/08/15 by Support: Hi everyone: We have completely reworked My Plan screen in the latest release of Android app: no Save button, weight plan and calorie allowance are determined without leaving the screen, safety advices are provided via bulb icon. When you lose...

MyNetDiary's iPhone app have been updated! 1 messages

Last message on 04/04/15 by Support: New features: * Great Today widget. * New built-in support system, with FAQs and support form in the app. * Improved planning. * Many improvements in the diabetes area (available in Diabetes Tracker app and with MyNetDiary Maximum). * Fully...

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