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Eating in restaurants 5 messages

Last message on February 24 by Jennieb34: I just try and find something similar to what I ate in the database. When I log after going out to eat I usally log on the high side of the calories to be safe.

Healthy weight gain and is a calorie a calorie 12 messages

Last message on February 10 by Dietician: Hello Turducken- Bummer news about the change in your health insurance. That can be so frustrating if you've found a provider that is not longer covered under your insurance plan! If you are meeting your allotted calorie budget each day (the one...


Last message on February 7 by Dietician: Hi Markspad2, We are happy to have you here! I learned something from Joanna's response as well. Keep us posted on your tracking! Best, Sue MyNetDiary Registered Dietitian

Ask a Dietitian Forum 208 messages

Last message on February 7 by Dietician: Hi U1187527935, You got it! Just double-check the food description to see if it refers to raw or cooked. As you likely know, when meat weighs less after cooking, the calorie level is consistent (4 oz raw chicken is the same calories as 3 oz...

Turmeric 2 messages

Last message on February 6 by Dietician: Hi U118481740, Can you clarify what you are asking? Are you asking others if they use the turmeric supplement and what results they have seen? You may find this review from the NIH useful. Take care, Brenda (MyNetDIary Dietitian)

fasting and blood sugars 9 messages

Last message on February 6 by Dietician: Dear U1186839856, Thanks for sharing your story! Along with the intermittent fasting working for you, it sounds like you have made some postive diet changes like decreasing cheese and red meat and increasing fruits and veggies! Way to go! Keep...

Hmm 6 messages

Last message on January 31 by Dietician: Good point, Mex. Weight loss is a long term effort and there are bound to be fluctuations along the way. Sue MyNetDiary Registered Dietitian

Adjusting the app for bariatric patients suffering absorption. 2 messages

Last message on 12/27/19 by Dietician: Hi Pracus, Welcome to MyNetDiary! Yes, having had weight loss surgery, your nutrition and weight loss goals are different than standard calculations. It is important to go by the goals given by your weight loss surgery team. You can adjust your...

MyNetDiary over estimates maintenance calories 3 messages

Last message on 11/28/19 by Soccermom2: this feed is great ... this website has also helped a lot with losing weight. hope it can help you too.

Calorie Budget & Carbs, Diabetic T1. 8 messages

Last message on 11/25/19 by Dietitian: Hi again U5643114, Insulin tracking update. As of November 2019, MyNetDiary does not read insulin data from iOS Health app, nor can it sync directly with an insulin pump's app. BTW, iOS Health app appears to have "Insulin Delivery" under "Other...

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