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First 100 GONE! 17 messages

Last message on January 6 by Dietician: Hi ShasheF- Did you end up buying yourself flowers? I think that is a great idea! I especially enjoy fresh flowers in the winter when we (in Colorado) are spending more time in doors. Thanks for sharing! Joanna (Dietician)

12.5 pounds/ 3 inches of stomach in 3 weeks. 15 messages

Last message on 10/10/18 by Dietician: Way to go Jamiediaz90! Sounds like you have a solid routine! Are you going to change up your food choices to prevent food fatigue? Maybe a pear or orange instead of apple or banana? Fish or turkey instead of chicken, etc? Water is great and...

Drop here the most challenging thing you tackle on your weight loss plan... vent here?? 38 messages

Last message on 08/27/18 by Dietitian: Oh my, that does sound good - all of it!

Down 40 lbs and counting! 9 messages

Last message on 06/13/18 by Dietician: Hi Chris (Stumpy75), I am a dietitian covering forum. Good for you to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle plan! Things like illness, vacations, parties, etc., can throw our healthy focus off. The key is recognizing that, like you...

Support & encouragement needed 2 messages

Last message on 06/12/18 by Dietitian: Wow wow wow, Kimdanurse! Congratulations on all of those healthful changes and the significant weight loss in just 6 months. You have already made a big improvement in your health and risk just by losing the 30 lbs already. Keep on keeping on! ...

52lbs down and counting 8 messages

Last message on 06/08/18 by U5049118: Well done!

Loosing the plot 2 messages

Last message on 05/12/18 by Laurel: Not sure what you mean by lost the plot, but I would definitely recommend weighing only once a week period (have lost >100 bs twice over years. Keep tracking, exercise and move on from bad days. One huge benefit of tracking everything - you never...

Just about done. 3 messages

Last message on 05/11/18 by Dietician: Nice work KylePutzier- on your walking and sticking to your calorie budget. Your hard work is certainly paying off. Great job on the weight loss! Best, Joanna (Dietician)

My Progress 6 messages

Last message on 04/12/18 by Dietician: Hi Carmenmaria23- Avoiding fast food and simple sugars sounds very reasonable. Do you include fresh fruit? I know many people who have not only lost weight but kept it off by sticking to avoiding desserts! It is amazing how many alternative recipes...

Carbs vs Calories 6 messages

Last message on 03/30/18 by Dietitian: Hi TomDibble, thanks for sharing your experience - good to hear you are doing well with your low carb plan. We have asked about replacing total carbs with the chosen carb counting method for the macronutrient summary. I'll ask again why they...

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