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Please fix the step bonus double counting 1 messages

Last message on February 24 by U1187399540: If step bonus is turned on, steps ate double counted if there are other recorded workouts such as elliptical, walking, etc.

Feature Request: Recipe Import/Sync Integration (Paprika) 5 messages

Last message on February 21 by Dietician: Thanks for your comment, Jim! I'm a fan of Paprika as well. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to integrate with Paprika. However, we are working on adding more recipes and tools to MyNetDiary. Stay tuned! Best, Sue MyNetDiary Registered Dietitian

Grocery List 2 messages

Last message on February 19 by Dietician: Hi Webmaster, We are so happy to hear you love MyNetDiary! Sounds like you and your wife have a strong plan! I will pass on your suggestion to our support staff. Sounds like a great idea. Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

Moving average for weight 3 messages

Last message on January 24 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello, Your problem needs more detailed examination. Please report it to our technical support team at We are always looking to help our users. Sincerely, MyNetDiary Team

Daily macro customizable - Specifically for people who do Carb-cycling/Keto Diet 3 messages

Last message on 11/13/19 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello Oceana, Our apologies, The macros cycling feature is not implemented yet. Thank you for the feedback! I will pass your request to our developers. Sincerely, Dmitry S. Tech Support, MyNetDiary

Now need to delete current weigh-in? 2 messages

Last message on 09/30/19 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello G-Star, Sorry about this issue. Please contact our support team via We will assist you. Thank you. Sincerely, Dmitry S. Tech Support, MyNetDiary

Eating vegan and staying healthy! Half marathon and 5k daily runners tips and tricks, how to stay kosher vegan healthy! 1 messages

Last message on 07/28/19 by Joshua: Tip 1. note nutritional label changes and promptly admit to your mistake when you have found egg milk or other in a newly packaged product. Remember your lack of discernment for the taste you blindly missed. Accept forgiveness, move on and stay...

My number 2 messages

Last message on 07/25/19 by Mnd_tech_support: Hi Nurse4, Your friends can find your nickname ("Nurse4") via Community Search. Then, they can click it in search result and set "attitude" as "friendly"; you can set up your attitude toward your friends in the same way. So, you will be...

Food comparison no longer tell you which is the better of the two. 3 messages

Last message on 07/24/19 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello U1186678912, Our apologies for the inconvenience while comparing your foods. Also, thank you for letting us know your suggestion! I will pass your request to our developers. We'll consider further improvement of Grocery Check...

Potassium missing in nutrients list 2 messages

Last message on 07/15/19 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello, did your problem get resolved? If not, we are here to help you! Please do let us know at

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