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Soluble Fiber 2 messages

Last message on March 22 by Dietician: Hello U1187626964, That's a great question. Unfortunately, because food labels do not require labeling of soluble fiber, food databases have very little data on the breakdown of fiber types. Because there is so much missing data, MyNetDiary does...

% lost in weight chart 2 messages

Last message on February 6 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello Universalmother, Thank you for the feedback! We'll consider this. Sincerely, Dmitry S. Tech Support, MyNetDiary

Autopilot Setting? 2 messages

Last message on January 10 by Dietician: Hello Liliepad, Here is an explanation of the autopilot feature: AutoPilot option tells MyNetDiary to adjust your Planned daily calories, Fats, Carbs and Proteins depending on your Current weight, Target weight and Target date entered at Plan...

Arizona time zone option 2 messages

Last message on January 3 by Mnd_tech_support: Hi Hintbw, In Settings > Date and Time page, the "Select Time Zone" field had an option "GMT-7:00". A change to "GMT-8:00" has to fix the issue for your account now. Sincerely, Dmitry S. Tech Support, MyNetDiary

On contributed foods 3 messages

Last message on 12/24/18 by Laurel: When entering food, e.g.lunch, click on ... upper right corner, then select New Recipe.

Changing Calorie Goal 10 messages

Last message on 11/20/18 by TreeFarmer: Agreed. Your history should NOT be modified by any change to the present. I've been using MND over MFP for nearly a month now. Many things I like about MND, but this is sufficiently annoying, that I've started my search for another app.

Running TDEE, and modifying calorie goals. 1 messages

Last message on 11/16/18 by TreeFarmer: I have a spreadsheet originally made by /r/sun3 on reddit, and modified a few times since that does a running track of Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Once a week I use this to modify my calories on MND. However MND is a bit silly. I was...

Feature request: Add Repeat Medications 5 messages

Last message on 10/13/18 by Stulevin: This would be a FANTASTIC feature !

Chart scaling - new update spoils functionality 1 messages

Last message on 08/28/18 by U1956522: Great app in use for years and most improvements are just that, but recently the weight and other graphs now scale automatically on both axes rather than separately when using two finger gesture to zoom out and see longer time periods. This means...

New app update 10 messages

Last message on 08/27/18 by U1185355544: Mynetdiary is mainly great. But the worst thing is end of day. I think they are using a clock on the East coast, so when I put in food after 9PM in California, I'm looking at today's food, but the new entry goes into the next day. Or, if yu don't...

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