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Last message on June 17 by Dietician: Hi Neverdonelearning- That is awesome that you have found walking meditation effective! Glad to hear it. I also enjoy walking meditation and find I feel more refreshed when I engage in a mindful walk vs. out for a general walk. Have a great week!...

Motivational Card #1 Do It Anyway 3 messages

Last message on June 17 by Neverdonelearning : Thanks for your helpful post!

Vacation took me back 2 messages

Last message on June 17 by Laurel: 3 lbs? I would love to only gain 3-5. Only vacation damagecid worry about would be if it stopped my overall progress. Best advice I heard ( and TRY to follow ??) is to come back from vacation and immediately get back on your program (exercise,...

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Last message on June 16 by MrsReeves711: I?ve since switched to morning workouts. I?ve found that if I don?t do them in the morning I don?t get it done. Good luck!!

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Last message on June 16 by Dietician: Greetings U4320567! Welcome to MND. Glad you found us! Here are a few articles that I think might offer some tips around getting started. You are wise to be mindful of food logging. The research shows that tracking food and drink intake is the...

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Last message on May 6 by Dietician: Hi Everyone- I think counting calories while also doing intermittent fasting is a wise idea. I agree with Simplycidalia. It is too easy to go overboard on calories even if you have some days of fasting. Let us know if other nutrition questions...

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Last message on March 18 by Eiaehm: I?m down to virtual group up. Anyone see the movie yes man? With Jim Carey. I suddenly could see us all logged into Skype and doing walking photobombs like in the movie. (Photo- jogging) hahaha. We could make a blog or FB page of it and collage...

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Last message on March 18 by Saltyboy: I?m 46 Am using the app to kick start my health kick as recently put the weight on and thought need to lose some Been on diets before but never done anything like this app Love fishing and going to the gym

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Last message on March 14 by Keyani: It does get hard sometimes to stay with it when the scale doesn?t seem to budge.

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Last message on March 11 by Dietician: Hi ReeseM702- Thanks for chiming in and offering your tips. I agree! Consistency is so important. Even if someone is super busy and cant track an entire day, making time to track their largest meal of the day (which is typically dinner) can be...

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