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Intermittent fasting buddy 9 messages

Last message on March 22 by U1185691361: @simplycidalia are you counting calories while in your non fasting window

Motivational Card #1 Do It Anyway 2 messages

Last message on March 19 by Dietician: Hi Eiaehm-Thank you for the inspiring words! I like the saying, Do something today that your future self will thank you for- Best, Joanna (Dietician)

Virtual Walking/Exercise Buddy? 8 messages

Last message on March 18 by Eiaehm: I?m down to virtual group up. Anyone see the movie yes man? With Jim Carey. I suddenly could see us all logged into Skype and doing walking photobombs like in the movie. (Photo- jogging) hahaha. We could make a blog or FB page of it and collage...

Anyone want to be weight loss buddies 2 messages

Last message on March 18 by Saltyboy: I?m 46 Am using the app to kick start my health kick as recently put the weight on and thought need to lose some Been on diets before but never done anything like this app Love fishing and going to the gym

Lacking Motivation 6 messages

Last message on March 14 by Keyani: It does get hard sometimes to stay with it when the scale doesn?t seem to budge.

I'm new and need friends for Motivation and Support 13 messages

Last message on March 11 by Dietician: Hi ReeseM702- Thanks for chiming in and offering your tips. I agree! Consistency is so important. Even if someone is super busy and cant track an entire day, making time to track their largest meal of the day (which is typically dinner) can be...

Activity 2 messages

Last message on March 9 by Dietician: I have been into walking meditation lately. I find it helps me increase my steps and clear my head. Here's a great article that walks you through the steps (ha ha!) ...

Seeing changes 4 messages

Last message on March 9 by Keyani: I love the way you phrased that...every pound lost is a gain in the ultimate goal! Is such a great way of reframing the struggle of losing into something positive!

TEF and counting calories 1 messages

Last message on January 20 by U1186228405: Hi all, Does anyone know if you should take the TEF into account when counting calories? Seeing it?s a calorie refund, of sorts, does the app take into account an average amount of TEF in its calculations ?

Video motivations 12 messages

Last message on January 2 by Dietician: I agree Tcolmar! It motivates me to get out there and move! If he can do it, I sure can! Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

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