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Weight loss buddy 20 messages

Last message on November 4 by Queenofdiets: Hi Marika5. I'm a firm believer that having a weight loss buddy is essential in ensuring success! well it was/is in my case anyhow. Your buddy needs to be the correct character though. By this I mean it has to be someone who isn't afraid to tell...

Intermittent fasting buddy 16 messages

Last message on September 24 by Tiffowens840: I love reading these and seeing the testimonials of them helping others. This community is really the best, so helpful and uplifting. I started on ... and it helped me maintain my weight and reach my weight goals. I hope this helps someone thats...

Need an accountability partner with similar goals! 2 messages

Last message on August 13 by Dietician: Welcome Vu356! Glad you found MND. It sounds like you have an awesome plan and goals. If you have any weight loss or nutrition questions do not hesitate to ask. The forum is monitored by several Registered Dietitians. We are happy to help! All...

Motivational Card #1 Do It Anyway 5 messages

Last message on July 1 by Dietician: Hello Lovemygrandbaby- Thanks for sharing the reality of living a healthy lifestyle. It is not always convenient though it does pay off. I'll bet you felt great after the treadmill session! All the best. You've got this! Joanna (MND Dietician)

Activity 4 messages

Last message on June 17 by Dietician: Hi Neverdonelearning- That is awesome that you have found walking meditation effective! Glad to hear it. I also enjoy walking meditation and find I feel more refreshed when I engage in a mindful walk vs. out for a general walk. Have a great week!...

Vacation took me back 2 messages

Last message on June 17 by Laurel: 3 lbs? I would love to only gain 3-5. Only vacation damagecid worry about would be if it stopped my overall progress. Best advice I heard ( and TRY to follow ??) is to come back from vacation and immediately get back on your program (exercise,...

Early Riser 3 messages

Last message on June 16 by MrsReeves711: I?ve since switched to morning workouts. I?ve found that if I don?t do them in the morning I don?t get it done. Good luck!!

Virtual Walking/Exercise Buddy? 8 messages

Last message on March 18 by Eiaehm: I?m down to virtual group up. Anyone see the movie yes man? With Jim Carey. I suddenly could see us all logged into Skype and doing walking photobombs like in the movie. (Photo- jogging) hahaha. We could make a blog or FB page of it and collage...

Anyone want to be weight loss buddies 2 messages

Last message on March 18 by Saltyboy: I?m 46 Am using the app to kick start my health kick as recently put the weight on and thought need to lose some Been on diets before but never done anything like this app Love fishing and going to the gym

Lacking Motivation 6 messages

Last message on March 14 by Keyani: It does get hard sometimes to stay with it when the scale doesn?t seem to budge.

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