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Craving sweets 44 messages

Last message on 09/02/18 by @PrincessZara??: Use raw organic cocoa powder

How to change Macros? 5 messages

Last message on January 14 by Dietician: Great news! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help! All the best, Joanna (Dietician).

Weight Buddy 2 messages

Last message on 10/22/18 by Dietician: Greetings U1186067433- Welcome to MND! Glad you found us. We have a community page (most easily accessed from the web) where you can create a profile, join teams and groups and invite friends to join in the journey. Here is a helpful link that...

Friends needed for motivation 11 messages

Last message on 10/19/18 by BrendaD29: I do my evening exercises while I watch my programs. Walking in place and stretching allows me to watch TV and takes my mind off food!

Loving Nordic Walking 2 messages

Last message on 10/19/18 by Nateprentice: And btw, the loss for me is typical of when I begin to lose weight.

Newbie 13 messages

Last message on 10/18/18 by Dietician: Hello Nurse3311, Here is a comparison of free and maximum membership capabilities that might give you an objective overview of the capabilities of both. Maximum vs. free membership: ... ... If you are on a lower carb diet, the maximum...

Tracking nutrients 1 messages

Last message on 09/29/18 by Jojo_Indy: I track potassium. Several MND listings ignore potassium or list it as ?0?. For example 1% fat milk by Kroger states zero potassium when I?m pretty sure it?s over 200mg per cup. So my day/week summary dhow alarmingly low levels. Can you fix this?

Calories 10 messages

Last message on 09/29/18 by Jojo_Indy: A little background: One is forced to stop eating solids for a day as part of diverticulitis cure, in order to keep from going to Emergency. (Mostly you drink Gatorade.) Once inflammation is down, you return to regular calorie level (@ low fiber)...

Soluble vs Insoluble FIber 2 messages

Last message on 09/14/18 by Dietician: Hello Foranagirl, Good question. Yes, you are correct, you cannot track soluble and insoluble fiber. The USDA does not provide that data and it is a voluntary offering on the food labels so there would be missing data for many foods. Because of...

Day one newbie 7 messages

Last message on 09/03/18 by LucyLake28: Lv2- Hello! I know your post is from mid July, so I hope you are doing well on your journey and hear how it is going for you. I have to say I agree with U6082553 - however I know each person is different that?s why there?s so many different...

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