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Craving sweets 57 messages

Last message on February 11 by Dietician: Awesome alternative Lhwebster! Thanks for sharing~ Joanna (MND Dietitian)

Free vs PRO app (iPhone) 7 messages

Last message on February 13 by Dietician: Hello U1187567280- Yes! The Food score is available for free on all applications and platforms. Here is some more info about it which goes into greater detail about the benefits (for example when comparing 2 brands of bread) and limitations. Have...

Holidays? 2 messages

Last message on February 6 by Dietician: Hello PandaG, On the one hand, tracking may help you hold back a little, even if you know it won't be real accurate. You could put a note in the notes section that you were visiting family. Here is a link to some blog articles you may find...

no cooking for over a decade & will never cook again 11 messages

Last message on February 2 by PandaG: Of course a major benefit of buying and eating pre-packaged meals is the app will scan the barcode and you are done, portion controlled and nutritional information right there on the packet. If cooking isn?t your thing (for whatever reason) I don?t...

Breaking the Habit 7 messages

Last message on February 2 by 36Ronela: This was so helpful! I also would like to ask what can i add to water to be able to make it more appealing to drink it? I really don?t drink water, when I remember it?s always late and I force myself to drink it. Grosses me out. I?m hoping as...

Calorie budget not reflecting exercise 1 messages

Last message on February 2 by PandaG: I?m just starting out with this app but seem to have a problem and can?t find an answer in the help topics. I have my app setup to read from my iOS Health app, that seems to be working fine BUT although I have completed 30 minutes of exercise...

Export my food diary via cvs format to excel? 10 messages

Last message on January 23 by Dietician: Hello U3359418, To export data to Excel : From the web based program click on the Green tab that says Analysis. Then in the left vertical column you will have options. For example if you chose multi-day reports, scroll all the way to the bottom...

WTF am I doing!? 6 messages

Last message on January 10 by Dietician: Megg04, That is a powerful exercise. We would never talk to a child (or a dear friend) the way we would to ourselves. This is a great reminder to be gentle with ourselves. Best, Sue MyNetDiary Registered Dietitian

I'm new and will finish my Journey this year 2 messages

Last message on January 10 by Spacecoastloser: Hi Lisa, Im in a second go around. First time lost a lot of weight then went right back to my ways, so starting over. Gonna keep watching the cals when I get there again. There are peeps out here.

MIND diet 3 messages

Last message on January 5 by U1187389795: Thank you, Joanna!

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