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sharing custom foods 8 messages

Last message on October 16 by Dietitian: Hi NanaBeez, your PhotoFood request from the barcode should make it's way into the main system database. Thanks, Kathy

Working with glop and leftovers. 3 messages

Last message on October 16 by Dietitian: Hi Folks, I would also do what NanaBeeZ recommended. I do that for my omettes and basic garden salad. I have a base that is pretty much always the same, and then I just add the ingredients that change as food items in my meal. BTW, you can...

Blue Aprons Weight watchers 2 messages

Last message on August 5 by Dietician: Greetings U1186881004- Let me make sure I am following your question: You are wondering what the meal delivery service Blue Apron is like in regards to Weight Watchers approved meals? I have used Blue Apron and 2 other meal delivery services. ...

Sweets! 4 messages

Last message on August 3 by U1186881004: One serving of Halo top is only 90 calories

Edit recipe 14 messages

Last message on April 7 by Dietician: Hi U1186550930-I am sorry to hear you have run into a road block around editing recipes. Do you use an iPhone or Android? I just checked my app (iPhone) and the recipe edit function is still available and working. I am wondering if you are...

What's for this week? 7 messages

Last message on March 9 by Dietician: I like the low sodium/canned beans as well. Adding lots of spices like in chili adds plenty of flavor. Cheers to another week of healthy cooking! Joanna (Dietician)

Import recipes from Paprika? 14 messages

Last message on February 24 by TNYankee: Sounds good! I?ll give it a try. Thanks for the info!

Fermented Recipes? 4 messages

Last message on February 5 by Dietician: Hi NateHevens- That is great you are making your own kimchi! I enjoy it in small amounts myself. Yes, you are correct in that certain fermenting techniques can result in increased b vitamins, specifically folate, b12, riboflavin as well as...

Vitamins and Minerals in Custom Food Entry 6 messages

Last message on February 4 by Dietician: Hello Daslederman- Thank you for writing in. I will talk with tech support about looking into the accuracy of vitamin a content of raw carrots. From a nutrition perspective: The recommended intake of vitamin A is 700 mcg RAE/d for women and 900...

Is there a way... recipie 2 messages

Last message on January 28 by Dietician: Hi Soulkeeper- Yes you can create and analyze recipes on the website and phone Recipes are created from meals, so as the first step, enter all ingredients in any meal (e.g. breakfast or snack). Next, on the web site, use the "Recipe" link...

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