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Samsung Gear S3 syncing 12 messages

Last message on June 26 by Blobabee: That's not true. MyNetDiary does connect with Google Fit. The problem is, Google Fit and Samsung Health do not talk to each other, so if you're a Samsung watch owner, you're out of luck, unless you want to add yet another conduit into the mix,...

Smart Scale Options 6 messages

Last message on June 25 by Mnd_tech_support: Hi Ap4055, MyNetDiary supports "reading" of the weight tracker from Withings, from Fitbit, from Garmin, from Google Fit, from Samsung Health App and from iPhone Health App. MyNetDiary calculates Body Mass Index using BMI formula as shown at ......

Not all exercise appears 2 messages

Last message on June 25 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello Ap4055, Please email to the screenshots if the workouts shown on the Health App. Also, please let us know if you enabled Step Bonus. (To prevent double-counting, "reading" of the "workouts" and Step Bonus feature do not...

Android App and Maximum Membership not syncing up. 10 messages

Last message on June 24 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello Lovely1972, Sorry for the problem with sync. For further assistance, please email us at

Sharing daily diary with trainer 2 messages

Last message on June 21 by Mnd_tech_support: Hi U1185122992, You can e-mail the Weekly Food Summary from the "Meals" screen. The feature has been temporary unlocked for test-drive. If you like how it works for you, please upgrade to Premium after the trial. The Daily Food Report can be also...

U Hhhhh 2 messages

Last message on June 20 by Jeffy1234: Ugh

?Community/Forums? link not functioning 4 messages

Last message on June 11 by HorseLover1: Thanks:)

I don't understand how my Google Fit data is being interpreted - can anyone explain? 4 messages

Last message on June 6 by Mnd_tech_support: Yes. Thank you, John! Your case is currently under investigation. We'll come back to you shortly. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Dmitry S. Tech Support, MyNetDiary

Auto import from Freestyle Libre to track blood sugar 2 messages

Last message on June 5 by Mnd_tech_support: Hello Aisforamy, If you are using the iPhone App, please try to connect this thirty-parts app via the iPhone Health App as described at ... We similar integration for Android: via the Google Fit App and via the Samsung Health App, but, these...

Vitamins log help 4 messages

Last message on June 3 by Mnd_tech_support: Hi U1186739749, Sorry for this mistakenly identified item. When the scanner finds the item in the food database and shows the Nutrition Facts screen with the food name different from the food name printed on the real food package, please do not...

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