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Last message on 11/16/18 by Dietitian: Hi ElseyJo780, the default setting is to add exercise calories burned to the Calories Budget since MyNetDiary system will calculate if you are meeting your calories deficit needed to reach your target weight by your target date you set up in Plan. ...

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Last message on 11/28/17 by Dietician: Hi Judithkalich- Strong work on your weight loss! You have worked hard I can tell to achieve those fantastic results! Thank you for taking a moment to share what has worked for you. I think it's so important that we are all reminded there is not...

First Month Over 5 messages

Last message on 10/09/17 by Dietician: Hi Drinkmorewater- Thank you for chiming in! There is often so much attention given to weight loss and yet maintaining a weight loss is where the true dedication comes in. Your story is very inspiring! Keep it up! Joanna (Dietician)

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Last message on 01/26/17 by Dietician: Thank you DebJodar52 for chiming in! I especially like the reminder not to beat yourself up if you fall off track or have a bad day calorie-wise. We are often our own worst critic which really doesn't help us! Take Care, Joanna

Setting activity level for weight maintenance. 3 messages

Last message on 11/28/16 by QueenMab: Thanks. Will switch to sedentary.

Setting A Weight Maintenance Goal in MyNetDiary? 4 messages

Last message on 11/04/16 by Dietitian: Hi Zebrazapinsky, MyNetDiary uses the IOM/DRI equations for setting maintenance calories. Be sure to use the correct overall activity setting - "sedentary" if you also log exercise. You can learn more about calories in this short article if you...

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Last message on 12/28/15 by K8sMom2002: Wow! What an accomplishment! I'm impressed! I've started a "What's for dinner?" thread under Food and Recipes...feel free to post your dinner menu. It will give me ideas and help keep me accountable!

Have you met your goal weight? 4 messages

Last message on 10/09/15 by PaisleyBeans: Thank you so much. I've read the linked articles, and will try to relax. I like the 5 pound leeway thing, so that's what I'll do as well. And also try the running app. Thanks again, feeling more settled.

Tips for maintaining your goal weight 1 messages

Last message on 05/11/15 by Dietitian: If you are now trying to maintain your weight, this article might be helfpul: ... The key is to keep up all of those healthy eating/exercise habits you have been enaged in while you were losing weight. The only difference is, your calories...

How to enter just plain foods, not pre-packaged. 5 messages

Last message on 03/16/15 by Dietitian: Hi Jimnsac, I would use the generic items from MyNetDiary -they come from the USDA nutrient database and are tested well. It will save you a lot of time - most likely Veganpeace is using USDA too as a base, just like every other tracker. Folks...

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