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A team for all over 50 to talk about what you need and to help others in their needs. A team for making new friends and sharing anything that is important to you. Welcome!

Weight Loss Progress

574 members lost 22.2lbs within last week, 145.6lbs within last month, total loss is 5289lbs.
21 members exercised and burned together 6321cals within last 24 hours.
Derpdr, Gary, Gjaffynp, MELG and 12 other people succeeded with personal food calorie plan within last 24 hours.
Camilian, U2876395, Jmlia and OldandGrumpy exceeded personal exercise plan within last 24 hours.

New here 1 messages

Last message on September 4 by Madbear: Greetings everyone, like most of you I am new to this site. I m 60 plus years old and diabetic not to pleased with where I am physically. I have arthritis through out my body and struggle to stay active. I do walk and hope that slowly but sure I...

I'm new to team my name is janet 6 messages

Last message on July 31 by U1186663607: I'm new to this group too! I am Lisa and 51 years young! Started MyNetDiary on May 5th and have lost 22.5 pounds! I have 2 kids graduating (1 law school, 1 high school) next May and desperately want to be in pictures without being self conscience....


Last message on July 14 by Hitori_one: I am still trudging along. I have lost 23 lbs, and my pants are starting to feel loose around my waist, which has moved from 44 to 42. I am exercising six days a week (walking, cycling, an weights) with one day of rest. Since I stopped drinking in...

New to group 87 messages

Last message on April 3 by OldandGrumpy: Thanks for the information. I share many of your concerns - hills and bikes don't go together in my book - I'll take up serious cycling if I move to Holland ! In the interim it's walking and jogging, though I might try tribal belly dancing

Going to gym for the new year! 2 messages

Last message on February 6 by Camionnette: Hi I am new to this group. I cannot start my actual weight loss journey for another 2 weeks due to health issues. But this is a step in the right direction. DIET is not a word in my vocabulary. It freaks me out. I am basically doing this alone so I...

Hunger 1 messages

Last message on 06/14/18 by Kimdanurse: I was still hungry one night so cooked onions, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower & purée?d them then added cinnamon, ginger, curry powder a big can of rinsed chickpeas & cut up chicken. The purée adds bulk & feeling of fullness, the chickpeas texture...

What are your biggest challenges from being 50+ ? 57 messages

Last message on 06/12/18 by Kimdanurse: Reading about posts about middle age spread & the wish to rid belly fat. Knowing that visceral fat is the worst & waist to hip ratio is as much a goal as a good BMI. It's hard to get rid of but super important to get it off!

Looking for inspiration 27 messages

Last message on 06/10/18 by Kimdanurse: I do not count my exercise into my calories allowed for the day because I can?t give myself any wiggle room. I will grant myself an extra 100 calories for hard 2 or 3 hours of activity. RUNNING a full marathon is only 2600 calories! Moderate...

52 and Growing - LOL 2 messages

Last message on 06/10/18 by Kimdanurse: My suggestion that (today) works for me measure out all portions (dollar store measuring cups) or weigh portions (wal mart kitchen electronic scale). Read labels & realize you can gorge on vegetables for best bang for your daily calories allowed...

How do you not eat popcorn at the movie theater? 9 messages

Last message on 06/09/18 by Kimdanurse: Sorry but people that keep weight off drink 3 to 5 times more diet drinks than the avg. pop a 200 cal bag of ?sweet & salty? Orville Redenbacher to take to movie 200cal with a diet zesty coke

50+ Anyone Over 50. A team for all over 50 to talk about what you need and to help others in their needs. A team for making new friends and sharing anything that is important to you. Welcome!