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We are a group of fun loving people looking for support and friendship while moving forward toward healthier lifestyles and losing unwanted weight.

Weight Loss Progress

182 members lost 19lbs within last week, 45.7lbs within last month, total loss is 1885.3lbs.
10 members exercised and burned together 3473cals within last 24 hours.
Bobijo, Valeriejbrown, Connie72 and Hackerdl succeeded with personal food calorie plan within last 24 hours.
Dietchick and Catrae exceeded personal exercise plan within last 24 hours.

I Need To Get The Job Done 6 messages

Last message on 11/16/18 by SharonABC: Hello to everyone on here, Just rejoined. Struggled with plantar faciitis for 8 months and gained too much weight back. Ugh! This app helped me lose 35 lbs. last time around so I know it works; also tracking carbs, cholesterol and sodium. I...

Looking For Team Support 4 messages

Last message on 06/25/18 by OldandGrumpy: I'm happy to take part. 62 living in the back of beyond in Wales, trying to get my weight down and my fitness up.

Weight stuck 3 messages

Last message on 06/18/18 by Matilda444: I believe my body needs a break from restriction every so often. Do some research on reverse dieting. That might be the answer you are looking for.

October 16 215 5 messages

Last message on 12/12/17 by OldandGrumpy: Low carb may well be the way for you to go. I found it valuable and have restarted after a period when I slipped back too. Good luck. If you find any good (and easy) recipes let us know.

Aging Gracefully 2 messages

Last message on 08/28/17 by GoGoGranny: I haven't posted anything this year, but I too am using an up coming vacation as motivation to stay on my weight loss plan. My body is terry resistant to weight loss. Even when I'm measuring and tracking religiously. Lately I'm having better...

I am 60 heading towards 61. 3 messages

Last message on 04/18/17 by Sloanranger: Hiya, I arrived at 60 2 weeks ago. I do not want to be heading for 70 and still trying to lose weight.. I have had 2 knee replacements. 1 3yr ago and 1 10 weeks ago. Maybe we can help each other Jo (female) x

New to the Forum: This year I want to shed the excess tyre around my belly 1 messages

Last message on 03/04/17 by Frangipanni: Hi, to everyone, I have been a member of MND for years, when I get to a point where I feel I am in control I go off on my own and very soon in creeps the chocolates and the butter..... I am working to re-gain fitness and loose weight that I gained...

2017 1 messages

Last message on 02/14/17 by Wambli: A new year, a new start. Going to track everything...

2017 - Be Positive 1 messages

Last message on 01/01/17 by Digitaljane: A new member to this +60 group, I want to be positive about weight control in 2017. I have tried to control my weight most of my life and have been using MyNetDiary for over three years. I see a nutrition counselor at my doctor's office (Medicare...

Getting Together 2 messages

Last message on 12/18/16 by Suanough: Hi there... I'm new to this app and group and just wanted to say how much I like this site. I'm 74, moderately active, diabetic, and have a great sense of humor. I love fishing, beading, and most hand crafts. Hope to meet some of you on our...

60+ Anyone Over 60. We are a group of fun loving people looking for support and friendship while moving forward toward healthier lifestyles and losing unwanted weight.