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Weight Loss Progress

23 members lost no weight within last week, 0.4lbs within last month, total loss is 176.3lbs.
1 member exercised and burned together 1143cals within last 24 hours.
Curtis87 succeeded with personal food calorie plan within last 24 hours.
Curtis87 exceeded personal exercise plan within last 24 hours.

Low Fat Plant Based Diet is saving my life. 2 messages

Last message on 11/24/18 by Iwa29: Thank you for this post . It has been exactly what I need it today . Bless you

2018 Group Members? 2 messages

Last message on 07/25/18 by LebaneseBlonde: Hi! I'm a couple months late for your party but I would love to participate in a vegan support group!

Progress Updates 14 messages

Last message on 03/16/13 by Csfergu: Awesome!!!! Keep it up. Good Job.

Free Raw Vegan "Cook"book 1 messages

Last message on 01/17/13 by Csfergu: I have an extra copy of the book Rawesomely Vegan, for whomever wants it. Totally free, I will ship it to you. ...

Weekly Workout Check-In 23 messages

Last message on 06/27/12 by Wouterra: That good. I seem to be doing more bike riding than body weight workouts. Got some new knee stretches from my doc so I'll likely be back at it.

Great restaurants in your area 8 messages

Last message on 06/22/12 by Csfergu: Thanks for the suggestions and please do add your recommendations for China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The more areas to the list the better!

Introductions 15 messages

Last message on 06/22/12 by Csfergu: Welcome Char, Best of luck.

Recipes 5 messages

Last message on 03/27/12 by Wouterra: Great, and sorry for the typos, I was writing this out on my phone.

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