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Osteo-Arthritis Sufferers 1 topics

This group is created for people suffering with osteo-arthritis to share what works and doesn't work for pain relief: exercises, particular foods, recipes, whatever. 1 topics

Last message on December 3 by Mtczajka: I have had arthritis in my legs since childhood, now at 60, I have arthritis in nearly every joint. I try to keep moving with both exercise and weights. But I'm interested in food that can help or hurt.

????? 2 topics

2?????? 2 topics

Last message on November 24 by ????: ???

Madly We Go... 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on October 11 by Facrockett: I got you on the PC anyway. I had my weigh in at 150.6 today....honestly I was hoping to hit the 140s...but after realizing I was 153.0 on my last weigh in...I shant complain! Not to mention I was still climbing out of the sluggish thyroid hole....

Get Fit, Get Lit 2 topics

Weightloss is the goal!!! Support and encourage and motivate! 2 topics

Last message on September 23 by Cj189: Using a diary this week , I am tracking what I REALLY eat before I decide what plan will work best for me. Def know I need to decrease calories 500-600 a day and less Carbs so going with 3 days tracking and see! Good luck to all!

People willing to post/comment/contribute at least 1x a week (until at least 12/19) for support! :) 1 topics

"They" say community goes a long way in a weight loss journey. After noticing many other forums haven't been posted in for months, I'm creating this group (in August 2019) for others like myself who want frequent (daily - weekly) chat/support until at least December 2019. Four months seems like a good baseline. : ) 1 topics

Last message on September 11 by Stumpy75: Well, I have started again, and am doing fairly well in the 1st 3 days. It's hard to get measuring everything again, and getting into an exercise routine. One day at a time....

Bariatric patients 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. Looking for anyone who has had bariatric surgery and needs help tracking and losing weight. 1 topics

Last message on August 20 by Jjacksongetagri: I can't believe there aren't more members in a group for bariatric patients! I had my surgery on June 4th and have lost around 40 lbs. I want to lose at least 57 more lbs. I have the free version of MyNetDiary and, so far, don't like the "food...

28lbs to lose! Let's finally meet our goals! 2 topics

This is for people that only have 28lbs to lose to meet there goal, I want to hear excitement! 2 topics

Last message on August 20 by Wendy17: I?m on a ketogenic plan because it?s very helpful for my diabetes control. Now that I have finally worked out the macros I need, I am using this app to calculate them. Makes it much easier to be aware of what I?m eating.

50-60 Somethings - just starting! 4 topics

For over 50-60, new to My Net Diary - looking for support and info. 4 topics

Last message on June 4 by Lizellie: Hi, I'm Liz and have recently joined Mynetdiary. I'm finding it quite helpful, am trying to reduce my calorie intake and increase my exercise. I'm turning 70 in November and it's kind of a last-ditch effort to get back to a healthy weight before...

6 Pack! 3 topics

Looking for young adults to join (30-40). My hope for our group is to motivate one another to reach our weight loss goals. I want you to share your weight, the real number, and let that honesty motivate you! Sure we will stumble, but together we will never fall! *Share Tips *Share Recipes *Share Struggles *Share Successes 3 topics

Last message on April 20 by Nazashab: I am 44 years old aiming to reduce body fat from 18% to 10% bodyfat. I started from 21% bodyfat and reduced to 18% within 4 months, however now it is stopped in spite of calorie deficit and 60 minutes exercise 5 days a week.

Healthy weight loss 3 topics

This group is for daily achievements, discussions and discoveries toward total mind, body and spiritual fitness. This is a peaceful no judgement zone. 3 topics

Last message on April 4 by Minx: Hi. I am new and looking for some partners on this transformational journey. I believe anything is possible!