MyNetDiary Person: Goragon



Weight chart

Weight Plan

  • Start weight: 278lbs on 10.05.10
  • Current weight: 224lbs
  • Weight loss wanted: about 14lb
  • Timeframe: 3 months and 5 days
  • Lost so far: about 54lb

About me

Current goal: Get down to 200 lbs (to start with)

I'm aiming for a calorie count of 1500 max.

I'm going to try and cut out the alcohol, eat more fruit and vegetables and walk the dogs more.

Going to try and be more positive and mindful of what I eat and drink.
Favorite diets: healthy eating and I try keep within my calorie budget.
Favorite activities: Walking the Dog
Need help with: I?m not doing that well at the moment, I?m Trying to lose weight but it?s just not happening.

I?m disappointed with myself.

I?m going to try and push through this wall I?ve hit, aiming for 210 lbs but would love to get down to 200 lbs
Geographic area: UK
More info: My starting weight was over 310 lbs in 2010.

I decided I needed to lose the weight as my health was suffering, I was having trouble walking and was out of breath doing the simplest of tasks.

So I cut down on my food intake and started to walk .