My Androids data is not seen on the website! Topic

I have had a support ticket in for a few weeks, but no answer, hopefully someone knows how to correct this issue I am having.

My Android phone is not syncing with the website.

When I enter data into my Android and later, log into my account online, there is no data for me. However it does have my target weight in there. What the heck am I doing wrong and how can I get the two to show the same info? i.e.. sync up!


Phone = T-Mobile G2 (aka HTC Desire-Z)
Android Version = 2.2

I have an Android phone too (DROID X) but I have never had any problem syncing. Can I assume you use the same username and login for both systems?
Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD

Yes, that is how I got into this web account by using the android accounts info.

I'm sorry that you are experiencing that problem - sounds very frustrating. I would send SUPPORT another ticket.
Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD

I figured out what was up. No help from any support member what-so-ever, I might add, they never even responded to my question.

When I signed up for the app MyNetDiary I thought I had created an account because you enter your email etc in. So when I logged onto the site with the same info, it actually was NOT the same info.

So, when I finally exlored in the MyNetDiary settings on my android phone I found a create account and it was BLANK!

I then used my info from creating the web site account (ie user name: rad1964) Error: no network connection, Error: user account name already taken.)

I deleted my account on line (aka Terminate).
I retried that user name. No luck.
I added another rad to my username (aka rad1964rad). It worked.
Logged back in as rad1964rad and my data from all my weeks was there!
Problem solved.

Hopefully this will hep someone in a similar situation!

now, rad1964rad!!!

Thank you so much for this post! I will try this now. I'm having the same problem you had with a few differences.

I'm going to try this.


Thanks for sharing your solution!
Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD

I know im late to this and this may be a dumb question. If i signed up with my ipad and loaded the app i
On my droid phone. How do i Log In on the droid. Im getting error user name taken.

Cant seem to find a simple login tab. Thx

I asked Support about the issue you are having - not being able to sign into your DROID app with your existing username and password.

Apparently, some Droid phones have this problem and they will be fixing this in the future. In the meantime, Support said to simply sign up as a new user on your Droid (use a new username and password) just to get into the MyNetDiary system. At that point, you can go into settings and select "switch accounts" and then log in with your original username and password.

Please let us know if that works for you.

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD

My Androids data is not seen on the website!