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Hello Everyone, This forum is where you post a question for me. My name is Martha Henze, MS, RD, and I am a consulting dietitian for MyNetDiary. I will always check this forum on a daily basis. Thank you. Martha

U5853258, how do I unlock my camera scanner on my iphone? When I click on the scanner, it takes me out of mynetdiary. I would like to be able to scan some food packages for the carb amounts.

We use a centrifugal juicer every morning and love the results - fruits, vegetables, stuff create a great healthy addition to my high fiber cereal and yogurt.

Question - how to count calories and nutrients when the juice is separated from the pulp?

Hi Folks, this is the correct area to start posting questions to me, the consulting dietitian. This area was populated by older posts to get it going, but let's start using it now for nutrition questions, as well as questions related to diabetes.

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE

Tip: if you log exercise, then only log the amount above and beyond what is already included in the DRI overall activity level you have selected. For instance, even "sedentary" level already includes incidental walking up to about a mile (or about 2000 steps). So don't log that amount of walking as exercise - it is already accounted for in your overall activity level settings.

To learn more about calories and settings at MyNetDiary, read this article (also accessible via Library in apps):

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE

Am I able to change my weight goal and goal date?

Hi Startingover, you can change either goal in Plan (web) or in My Plan (apps). If you enter both a weight goal and target date, the system will calculate the needed average lbs/wk weight loss (or gain) to get you to your goal on time.

This article is helpful for understsanding targets and how settings affect them (also available via Library in apps):

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE

I Need help! 1. what should my fasting reading be? It seems to be high. I just started keeping track of the reading. 2. I really need some examples of a day or two of menus so I know how to eat enough. Right now when I do my diet I end up with too many calories at the end of the day.

Hi Dorry, the American Diabetes Association recommends a fasting of 70-130 mg/dL. The clinic where I work recommends 80-130 to help reduce risk of hypoglycemia.

You might find my article on diabetes basics helpful as a starting point for carb goals for meals/snacks:

The Plate Method is another diabetes meal planning tool. This meal planner provides 3 carb choices (45 grams) per meal. Here's more info on it:

American Diabetes Association has tons of resources for meal planning with a sample meal plan:

MyNetDiary has the TLC menus which are also carb controlled for diabetes (this has a weekly menu fee):

Also, you can ask your doctor for a referral to a diabetes self-management education class - they are very helpful.

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE

I have a dietitian, but have yet to see any kind sample menus. My carb levels are fine, but I am having issues eating enough calories. I am aware that to few calories can be just as bad as too many. I just started taking the morning reading. How many hours should be between eating and monitoring to be considered fasting?

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