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It?s after 9pm for me now. Around 8pm, I had 108 calories left to eat (earned by exercising). But an hour later, without having eaten or entered anything else, I only have 99 calories left. This has happened several times before. What?s going on? (Of note, my Internet is slow, but not that slow. I also live outside of the US, in a different time zone. I have autopilot turned off. I was sedentary from 8-9pm). Thanks.

Hi HorseLover1,
That is a bit curious - if you haven't logged an updated body weight, eaten anything or exercised, then the calories left shouldn't be changing if you are still on the same day. Even with a different time zone, unless you traveled from one time zone to another within that hour, it shouldn't be changing the calories left.

I'll ask Support what might be going on and get back to you. But my guess is that they will want you to email them directly at

Kathy, Consulting Dietitian with MyNetDiary

Thanks, Kathy. It happened again last night. When I went to bed, I had 35 cal remaining before the green apple would turn red. This morning, when I look at the data from yesterday, it says I only had 11 cal left. I did not eat or log anything in between - I was sleeping.
Thank you for asking support and getting back with me. :)

Hi Horselover1, I think it might be helpful to email support about this issue. However, I did hear back and this is their reply:

"Sorry, I cannot find 'HorseLover1' account.

Apparently, user linked MyNetDiary with Fitbit, Garmin or with Withings. At that, Calorie Budget, as mentioned, has been increased by Exercise.

Here is an article:
* My Tracker (Fitbit, Garmin, Withings) reduces available calories after sync!

User did not eat and did not exercise. At that, exercise record has been lowered after sync with Fitbit, Garmin or with Withings. So, the "Left" value will decrease as well.

The switch of timezones may also cause an additional side effect.

If I'm wrong, it would be awesome to learn more details (the account name, an actual location outside of the US, the screenshot of activity calories from Fitbit/Garmin/Withings.) So, we can investigate it more attentively.

Dima S."

Kathy (Dietitian)

Hi Kathy, what is the email address for Support? Thanks for your help.

Ps. Why would the exercise record be lowered? I haven?t gone under my step goals for either MND nor Fitbit. I did go swimming, but since it wasn?t lap swimming, I didn?t think Fitbit would log the activity well. So I removed the Fitbit from my wrist while I was in the pool, and entered that pool time separately in MND as a MND exercise. Does that have something to do with it?

Hi HorseLover1,

That is very curious! The email address to support is:

They are best equipped to help you with this issue.

Take care, Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

Ok, thanks!

Late night calorie addition