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I have been working on weight loss since March and have lost 32kg. This last month I have lost nothing at all.
I weigh all my food, so I know I am logging accurately. I have increased my exercise and I eat back about 50% of my exercise calories in case I'm over-estimating (MND and my Xiaomi Smartband give different values so I average it out and eat back half).
I have gone from totally sedentary in March (1,200 steps a day) to walking 60-90 minutes 5x a week. I increased this gradually.
I have changed my exercise since hitting this plateau and started playing squash to increase my heart rate and just do something different.
I have no thyroid so take daily meds. I've recently had blood tests and all is fine there.
I weigh and log everything I eat, so there has been no 'creep' of portion sizes etc.
I do my own cooking for the family from scratch and rarely eat out or have takeaways.
I know a plateau is normal, and that I just need to hang in there, but wondered how long it usually takes to break through. I'm set to lose 500g a week and eating 1374 calories a day. I don't want to reduce this but wonder if I should be changing my macros? Maybe I should increase my protein and see what happens? Or decrease it? It's set at the default at the moment. I eat lots of vegetables, and if I'm hungry I'll fill up on veges.
Any advice appreciated.

Hi Goodheavens44, weight plateaus can be so frustrating, especially when you have been careful to track everything. But alas, they happen. If your weight loss has completely stalled for more than 2-3 weeks, then I would do a bit of problem solving. The first place to start is - has anything changed in the past month? For instance, have you added a new food product to your diet? Have you started weighing yourself at different times of the day? Have you recently gone off or gone on a medication? High blood pressure medication changes can alter weight weight. I once worked with someone who would forget to take her BP med and I could always tell since her weight would go up the next day.

Note that we cannot see your data (e.g. food log) unless you go into your Settings and allow access to view. If you would like me to look at your food record and data, send me a friend invitation via MyNetDiary's web app to

Under "Sharing Diary Options," choose the 3rd option, "Send invitation to become friends and share my diary (e.g. I want to share my diary with my dietitian or coach.)"

Once you do this, I can view your data and give you feedback. Let me know when you do this.

And here are more resources that might help:

This article is very important to read to understand how calories are calculated and which settings affect the calories: Planning Weight & Calories:

Let me know how it goes,
Kathy, MPS, RDN, CDE (with MyNetDiary)

My last plateau lasted 3 months! Hovered around same 1-2 kilos during that time, but overall had lost 34 Kg over a year. Then last 2 weeks it's started shifting again and lost 2 kg in 2 weeks, despite doing nothing different than last 3 months. I like to think it's my body adjusting itself, or my skin shrinking to it's new frame (it's probably not..but it helps to think something like that)! Great work, you should be really proud x

Thanks, Bel. I will keep on logging and tracking and see how it goes. I'm not giving up! I'm going to change a few things...I always eat the same breakfast, so I might try something' different for a couple of weeks and keep trying to vary my exercise. I still have thirty to go so I'm just over half way there.

The only medication I'm on is the synthetic thyroid and that hasn't changed for at least a year. I've had tests and everything is fine as far that is concerned.
I've tried sharing my diary but every time I press "share diary" it quits.
I always weigh on a Friday morning when I get up, usually about 6am. Before I eat anything.
I do eat exactly the same breakfast so I'm going to change that. I also eat more calories in the evening so I'll change that up too and eat more during the day and less at night. But that's when I used to eat too much, so I found that by eating less during the day and "saving" calories for the evening meant I stopped eating rubbish after dinner. Hopefully I don't regress back into that habit.
I was thinking about re-setting, and eating at maintenance for a week, but I'm worried about not re-starting after that break. I think I'm better off to just keep on going through the plateau and wait for it to break.

Hello Goodheavens44- It sounds like you have a good plan in place to try out for about a week and see if your plateau breaks. FYI: Even though a calorie is a calorie there has been some research that showed that eating more food during the day hours and eating a larger breakfast and smaller dinner produced weight loss. As you mentioned this may not work for you from a behavioral standpoint as it may promote you eating "rubbish" after dinner. Though it is worth a try. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing technical difficulties. If you still are not able to share your log with the Dietitian simply email and our support team can look into the issue.
Hang in there! Best, Joanna (MND Dietician)

How long do plateaus last?