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before the app update i was able to properly enter foods in gram amounts. but now, the app is considering "1 gram " as 1 serving size. So if i initially entered 45g of rice = 160 calories which is what was shown on the label, i can no longer add "90g" as an amount. I have to enter "2g" to get "90g" if that makes sense. Hope this gets fixed since its the first update out of all upates in the 4+ years that I've had this app that such a problem arised

My issue is different. Ever since the update this morning my app goes off of my iphone screen. It's as though it doesn't dynamically fit the mobile device. Very annoying to look at your screen and the word Breakfast id cutoff. The fonts are off and I've tried adjusting my text size on my phone but it doesn't matter, still wonky. It looked great before.

I was in the process of logging my lunch into the app and during that process, the home screen now has a large white space so that there is no way to add dinner and snack entries. Only the top of the Apple is there. (New iPad Pro)

Bring back the old screen new screen not working for is confusing and not easy to see your analysis properly.

On the old screen I could see my total weight lost since I started tracking in January. It was good motivation. Now I can?t find that option. It just tells me how much I have to lose. How to I get the ?total weight lost? back on my dashboard?

I was having the same problem, but the problem seems to have been resolved---everything fits on my iPhone X screen now. Did they apply a fix?

Hello .
The App is not working the way it should after the IOS 6 update on my iPhoneX
I hope my netdiary will fix the problem\
John Basso.

Hello Again.
The update from My Net Diary is way to complicated.I would like the old screen ,which was simple and a hell of a lot better than the new,Also when there are so many internationl foods to input. John Basso.

Hello John,

Sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the progress of the updates. Unfortunately, there is no way to come back to the previous version of the app.

We would like to learn more about the difficulties you are experiencing in the updated version. Could you please send us the screenshot of the screen you are referring to? Share the details with us at Btw, you can simplify the app by reconfiguring the Home screen as suggested at
and by disabling features in the app settings.

Again, we apologize for the disappointment and thank you for your patience and for your help in this investigation.

Dmitry S.
Tech Support, MyNetDiary

App update problem