?Community/Forums? link not functioning Topic

For the last couple of weeks, when I try to choose the ?Forums? link on my iphone (SE) MND app?s Community page, it responds by showing a wait icon that churns and churns without ever loading the forums page. My internet is slow, but not that slow; I watch videos online without much difficulty. Do I need to delete the app and reload it? Will I lose any info by doing that? Thanks.

It?s working again! Crazy.

Hello HorseLover1,

Sorry for the problem. Great that it has been solved. Apparently, it was just a spotty internet connection. If this happens again, make sure your internet connection on the phone is strong enough. Alternatively, use the website.

Btw, deleting and reinstalling the app won't erase your records if you see these records under your account on www.MyNetDiary.com website.

Dmitry S.
Tech Support, MyNetDiary


?Community/Forums? link not functioning