App doesn't pull in foods in the search bar Topic

This afternoon, while trying to pull up a food that I hadn't yet used (not a frequently used food), the search screen just says "No foods found. Try varying search words." It does this for everything I try to input. It also scanned a barcode but found no results.

The search seems to work on the website, just not in the app.

Seems to be fixed. Thanks!

I?m having the same issue. iPhone App is not pulling in food in the search.

I just upgraded the app and had the same issue could not pull or search for food No food found

We apologize for the troubles,

There was an internet connectivity problem in our data center, which affected food searches and online barcode lookup.

It has to be fixed now.

Lesliedelgadohayes, can you contact us at so that we can investigate your particular issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Dmitry S.
Tech Support, MyNetDiary

App doesn't pull in foods in the search bar