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Your competitor LifeSum has settings for Keto diet. Are your developers planning on having that diet as part of this tool?

One of the main foundation in Keto is staying very low carb, you can just adjust your plan to reflect how many grams of carbs you want to hit...


I would like a function to let me select a diet plan. Many things on the website are preset. The apps provide customizable settings, but the food ratings or Grades can be discouraging.

Agree with Albanach. I am on keto but get regular ?nanny? warnings that my saturated fat consumption is too high and could lead to heart disease.

I agree, since I lift weights and need to keep my protein intake high, I'm discouraged when it rates good protein sources low and healthy fats low which is opposite for Physique competitors or Keto! We need settings that will support the eating plan that is healthy. I realize that the rating system was taken from research and the research article and medical journal are cited, but even research can be flawed. Our way of eating for health is constantly evolving as we learn more.

AGrammyBabe is right; for the past 60 years research has been ongoing and there has never been a consensus. No diet or exercise plan suits everybody, so it would make sense to offer us some choice as to what balance of macros we have adopted and help us track them.

If you click My Plan and then go to Fats, Carbs, & Proteins, you can set your own macros for Keto. I was frustrated with that as well, but once I adjusted them, it was a lot easier to track. I totally agree with the food ?grades? - but I just tell myself I know more than the robots. F it! ;)

P.S. I got my macros from the Perfect Keto Macros Calculator, which will figure out what calories and macros are best for you, your weight, age, etc.

Also, I just figured out you can turn those food grades off under settings. ??

Ketogenic diet?