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I am new and I was wondering if a few of you would like to share your journey with me? I?d love to hear your story and get to know a few people who use this app.

As for me..... I am a retired woman in my late 60s. I had cancer when I was 25 and my thyroid gland was completely removed. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight has been a struggle ever since. I just do the best I can each day and I don?t stress over the difficulty.

Hello KathySews,

Welcome to MyNetDiary! My name is Brenda and we have three dietitians who are available to answer questions and offer support to members in the Ask a Registered Dietitian/Diabetes Educator section of forum. We also write blogs. Check out our topics that we hope you find useful.

MyNetDiary is also active on social media if you want to check us out on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

I hope you find tracking helps you meet your weight and health goals!

Cheers! Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

Hello KayBee,
I am a newbie too, or at least returning after a long lapse. I am still wqorking, in my late 50's. I battled colon cancer at 49, two surgeries and chemotherapy. I was already a comfort eater and that stress made it much worse and I didn't feel like doing anything. Needless to say, I had a huge weight gain and have not returned to my previous weight or health YET. I love the app and hope to find supportive friends here. Improving my health and losing the excess fat are my goals right now.
One day at a time...

Share Your Journey With Me?