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Hi, I've lost my 1st 100 lbs!! Now, on to my 2nd 100 lbs. I thought I'd never get back to where I'm at now, and I'm glad to see it! I'm trying to imagine myself when I lose the 2nd 100 lbs.

I know I'm going to end up with a lot of loose skin; but, that's much better than weighing +200 lbs extra!! I have one "little" personal part of me that will need fixing, but, that's all I will be able to afford. I'm not a spring chicken anymore, as I'm in my mid 50's, already!! Life just goes by so quick.


Yay !!!

Congrats to you Amykee! What an accomplishment! I hope you are treating yourself to a non-food reward! I always encourage people to make a list of non-food rewards as a go-to when meeting milestones! It doesn't have to be expensive or really big.

Here are some ideas:
new bracelet, earrings, or necklace
flowers or a new plant
a new toy, ex: I got a cool red, floral bell for my bicycle. I also got a market basket for my beach cruiser

If you set smaller goals, like reaching each 5 pound milestone, you can reward yourself more often with little things, like going to a movie or a bubble bath. It can help with motivation, make it fun as well as remind us to treat ourselves with non-food rewards.

Anyone else have ideas for non-food rewards when we meet our goals?

Way to go Amykee!

Brenda (Dietitian)

Hey Brenda!! My Floridian friend!

I did decide on a reward and got myself something I've really been wanting during my whole weight loss. I got a FitBit Versa watch. I'm so happy with it, because it tracks everything--even when I swim laps in the pool.

Brenda, thanks so much for your great ideas that I can use at other points while losing my next 100 lbs!!

Amy in Jacksonville

Wow! You are inspiring. Great job! We know it isn?t easy.




Strong work Amy and all of you have have been working towards a long term goal!
I am curious what other non-food rewards have worked for folks as they meet milestones along the way to a BIG goal?

For rewards along the way I am a fan of a new workout top or workout pants, or a subscription to a fitness app or taking some time for myself like a long bath:). Cheers to a great week! Joanna (Dietician)

First 100 GONE!