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I did a treadmill workout today. I?m so out of shape. It felt like it was so hard to push myself. I don?t know if it?s just that I?ve been so lazy or tired for so long that I need to retrain or what. Anyway I want to do things like 5k and such so I?ve gotta start somewhere.

Good job getting started!

Thanks om_haribol

Strong work Keyani getting started! You reminded me of a quote: Do something today that your future self will thank you for..... and you did it! Best, Joanna (Dietician)

Exercised two days in a row now. Used the treadmill and didn?t miss my hallmark movie either

Great way to reward yourself for your exercise with your movie:) Joanna (Dietician)

New to the comunity, but have been using the app for a few months. Recently started to workout at the gym. So far I only use the treadmill, Stationary Bike and a few of the weight machines. I'd like to have an actual routine, but I suppose any exercise is better than none.

Hello Titanium Princess, Glad to hear you are exercising! A routine that includes cardio, strengthening, balance, stretching is a great idea. Many people make a schedule and add minutes of intensity or duration as they progress. Does your gym have a trainer who can design a program for you?

Here is a link to a whole section of articles on exercise you may find helpful. Check them out!:


Keep moving! Brenda (MyNetDIary Dietitian)

Quick question, when you say you did a treadmill workout, are you talking just straight running? Or one of the HIIT treadmill workouts?

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