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I gained 15 lbs after being diagnosed with MS and coming out of an exasperation. I am try to drop my weight back down, but am finding it harder because I can no longer run. That was my go to weight loss mechanism in the past. I have been walking on the treadmill, weight lifting, and physical therapy but now takes much more effort and not able to go same distances. Weight loss is 85% food intake and 15% exercise so now going to track calories and try to eat healthier. What is everyone else doing for lower intensity exercise to help with with weight loss?

HI- I also have MS and I strongly feel that exercise is key to keeping MS symptoms at bay. I ride bikes- single bike when I am strong and a tandem with my husband when dizzy or weak. As you said, weight loss is primarily food intake, so you can lose weight with lower intensity exercise. Have you tried cycling? You can get some intensity with a spin bike and head outside when you feel stronger.
Yes, all of this takes more effort, but the payoff is enormous. When I started exercising after my diagnosis, I would slowly walk 2 miles and then take a nap. I can now walk 6 miles, jog a bit and ride my bike for hours. You can do this.

Hi U1186738679-Welcome to MND! Let us know how the tracking and healthy eating go this week for you!
As for lower intensity exercise I think first off listen to your body.
It sounds like you are already doing this, which is huge!
I second what Pawpaw1 shared in relation to bike riding. Stationary biking can be a nice place to start. You might do this at a gym or invest in purchasing a used bike. I would also encourage checking out water workouts. Here is an article that you might find helpful.
Finally, a client I work with for nutrition counseling finds home aerobics workouts really helps her along with stretching. She said she likes it because she doesn't have to spend time driving to the gym and on days when her MS is flared instead of a youtube aerobics workout she will do yoga. Let us know if other questions come up.
All the best- Joanna (MND Dietician)

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