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I installed My Net Diary for my mom and Fiber comes up automatically as a part of her daily nutrition totals, but I?ve had mine for a couple years and despite adding daily fiber as a new and favorite food it still won?t come up. My nutritionist has allowed me to subtract my daily fiber from my carb count. This would be great to have, especially if now I know others are getting it automatically. Any ideas?

Hi Jenny,

Online, you can select nutrients on the Plan page. Use the "Edit other nutrient targets" link in the "Other Nutrients to Track" section. In mobile apps, you can select nutrients on the Meals screen.
Besides regular nutrients, MyNetDiary Diabetes supports tracking of net carbs and diabetes carb count.
We recommend selecting only the most important for you nutrients, so that they fit into the screen. MyNetDiary always tracks all nutrients, selected or not, and you can see all of them on the Report page.
Also, see MyNetDiary's guidelines and recommendations on nutrient goals.

Here is a link to the plan page that prompts you to sign into your acct.


Please let me know which version you are using if you need further more-detailed guidance. Hope this helps!

Have an awesome day! Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

Logging Carbs