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Hey y?all! I?m a twenty something girl trying to lose some weight and get in shape. Anyone wanna be Accountability Buddies?

Y?all lol,

How are you planning on losing weight? Gym, diet, both?

I?m working on building up better habits right now, so accountability buddy would be nice to have

Hello all,
First post. Been really struggling to get this loss. Some changes are needed.
1. Need exercise daily. Getting a gym membership today. $10 PF nearby. Can?t walk in the heat. Nausea.
2. Be consistent with my food logging, everything-every time-everyday.
3. Read something on salt control in diet. I don?t add salt yet regularly break salt limits. Discouraging.

Greetings U4320567! Welcome to MND. Glad you found us!
Here are a few articles that I think might offer some tips around getting started. You are wise to be mindful of food logging. The research shows that tracking food and drink intake is the number one predictor of weight loss success. Kudos to you!
If you have any nutrition questions just let us know. We have several Registered Dietitians who are on this forum and we are happy to help. Have a good weekend, Joanna (Dietician)

Weight loss buddy