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I haven't seen a current answer to this question, so forgive me if I missed it.. But how do you edit, or at least view the ingredients in recipes you have entered ?

Recipe editing, Hi Gladiator, you can edit recipes from either your app or web program.

Go into a meal
Search for the custom recipe of interest
When you have the recipe up ("Entry" screen), tap the little "i" icon in the upper righthand corner.
Your recipe's food label should show.
Tap "Update" in the upper righthand corner.
You'll see that the ingredients can be deleted (tap red - circle) or modified (tap anywhere in the row) as you desire. You can also add ingredients to the recipe (use green "+ Add Food to Recipe" - the last row).
Tap Save.

Web Program:
Go into Food tab.
Bring up custom recipe of interest.
Tap row so that it is highlighted.
Click ?Food Details? icon in the top menu bar
Click ?Edit? in the top upper right hand corner
Make changes to the recipe as desired.

Note: free app & free membership users you need a PRO app or a Maximum membership to edit recipes.

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE

Thank you, Kathy Isacks. This answer was quite helpful.

Even more recipe tips -
Edited recipes and their associated changes affect nutrition totals going backward and forward in time. If you want to modify an existing recipe but don't want to change nutrition total from older records, then here are some options:

Web program: you can bring up your recipe, choose to copy to a new record, rename, the recipe, make ingredient changes, save, and then start to use that new recipe in food records.

From apps:
Bring up recipe in a meal screen without anything else in the meal.
Enter the serving size.
Tap the food label (little "i" icon) of your recipe.
Tap "update"
Scroll down to the bottom of the "edit recipe" screen, and then tap "ingredients to meal."
Save, go back to "entry" screen, and then save again.
Each individual recipe ingredient will now be loaded into the meal screen.
Modify the individual ingredients as you see fit.
Now tap the "new recipe" icon to create a new recipe - be sure to give it a new name.

Tip: once you turn "Ingredients to Meal" on for one recipe, it will do that for all recipes you log so you will need to tap it off for the next recipe you wish to enter in your food record (assuming you don't want to see each ingredient listed separately in every meal). "Ingredients to Meal" feature is great for recipes you want to modify going forward, or for changes to recipes that are really meals or changes to combination vitamin/mineral supplements.

?Servings? Field Tip
The default # servings for a recipe are 1 serving. The system will calculate the serving weight as the sum of all ingredient weights. To give you more serving size options for record entries, enter your recipe's total yield in either a volume measurement (e.g. 10 cups, 1 quart, etc.) or a descriptive measurement (e.g. 10 fillets, 12 slices, 6 cupcakes, etc.). MyNetDiary already does the grunt work of calculating the recipe weight for you so don't bother using weight as your yield since you lose other portion size opportunities.
For recipes that are liquids (like sauce, chili, etc.), take the time to measure the total volume made from a recipe so you have the option of entering volume measurements as serving sizes (e.g. cups, fl oz, etc.), or weight. And since there is always shrinkage due to evaporation (water loss), you will increase the accuracy of your recipe weight per serving if you take the time to weigh your finished recipe?s total weight yourself. A simple digital kitchen scale works just fine for this task. You can weigh your finished recipe weight as you serve them into bowls (but ?zero out? or tare the bowl weight first) for a meal. Or you can weigh the cooking pot clean and dry before starting, then after the recipe is cooked and cooled, weigh the entire pot and then subtract the weight of the original clean pot. Again, this is in addition to measuring the total yield. Take heart ? you only have to do this once per recipe. And once you have this data in your recipe - you can enter either volume or weight for a serving size and the serving nutrition info will be more accurate.

Let me know if you have more questions. Glad you found the other post helpful, Rpraying!

Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE

Recipe entry tips - just published a post on this subject. Very helpful and a short read: http://www.mynetdiary.com/tips-for-accurate-recipes.html


If someone could pls assist me I would greatly appreciate it. I have read the previously posted directions on how to create a recipe and for some reason I am not getting it to work.
The online directions state to list the serving as what the recipe yields, however when I try to do that it doesn't register any calories. For example I had a simple recipe of 4lbs beef brisket, 1/4c braggs liquid aminos, 3/4c kraft hickory bbq sauce, 1c water...it serves 8 with a serving size of 4oz...I can not figure this out for some reason.

Hi Dtack, I am not sure why your app or web program is not able to calculate the calories. I just entered your recipe and named it "Dtack Beef Brisket." If you click on my nickname (Dietitian) on this post, scroll down my page, find the recipe, and click on the far right side to copy it for your use.

You might want to send Support@mynetdiary.com an email about the problem. Also, be sure your phone operating system is updated as well as your MyNetDiary app if you use one.


Step one provided "Bring up custom recipe of interest." how is this done?

Sorry, what is your question, Mbanjak?

I wonder if part of the problem might be that four pounds of meat is 64 ounces so trying to make it eight 4-oz servings (total of 32 oz) just can't work.

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