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My friend has some custom food they want to share with me so I do not have to reenter the data for my own customer food recipes.
we are friends, but when I type in the search for his foods it doesn't show up.
Please help.

I can send to each other in a txt message the 3 dots at the top right above your meal items opens other options on is to send that meal in a txt message

Hi Tracip58, do you use an Android app or an iPhone app? This feature is currently available with the iPhone app. I'm checking about whether or not it is also available with the Android app (as I cannot find that feature with my Android app at the moment).

If you use an iPhone, you can go right into Messages app and at the bottom of the screen, you will see MyNetDiary's icon as one of the options to use for stickers, meals, or recipes. I can't find an option to share custom foods yet but I'm checking - I would think MyNetDiary would include that option as well.

Kathy (Dietitian)

I am using a android and I just take a screen shot and text , pretty inconvicent as the other person has to re enter the same data.

Hello Tom4,

Yes, you are correct, at this time the android app does not currently have this easy share utility via messaging or directly from the food log screen.

However, you can share custom foods and recipes the traditional way. Here's how you do it:
Login to web program, become friends with family member (via Community tab), and choose to share your data, including custom foods. While still in web program in Community tab, tap on the member's name link to see their Personal Page. Then scroll down to custom foods area and copy the custom foods and recipes desired. Each custom food & recipe copied from the friend will have "from (mynetdiaryname)" so you can easily search for all foods/recipes copied from that member's mynetdiary name. Until there is an easier way to share custom foods and recipes for Android app, you have to do it via web program.

Once you go through the above steps on the web, it may be easier than re-entering the same data.

Hope this helps! Brenda (Dietitian, MyNetDiary)

sharing custom foods