Blue Aprons Weight watchers Topic

I was looking into Blue Aprons and I saw they have recipes for people who attend weight watcher meetings. Could anyone give me some experience with them?

Greetings U1186881004- Let me make sure I am following your question: You are wondering what the meal delivery service Blue Apron is like in regards to Weight Watchers approved meals?
I have used Blue Apron and 2 other meal delivery services. Here's my review of them from last summer:
If you don't mind cooking (I found their meals a bit more time intensive than the other services) and they are sure that their meals are calorie controlled, then I would say go for it! I thought their food tasted great, the recipes were very creative and the plan inspired me in the kitchen! Plus, if you find that after a week or 2 it is not is not for you, I believe you can simply cancel. Does this help? Best, Joanna (MND Dietician)

Blue Aprons Weight watchers