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I?ve been meticulously counting calories and getting some sort of exercise in regularly. I?ve been eating at or below the limit the app sets, except one day in 3-4 weeks I was over for my birthday. I lost 3 pounds and then quickly gained it back. What?s going on? I don?t know if I can eat even less calories.

Helo Rispires08,

Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you are frustrated. Please keep tracking. I bet you will see weight loss occurring again. You mention that you are exercising. I would definitely maximize it. Experts have found that most people need to get 60 min most days of the week for weight loss.

Also, you may want to take body measurements and monitor progress with inches lost along with the pounds.

Here are some articles I thought you might find helpful:

Please let us know how you are progressing! Have a healthy day! Brenda (MyNetDiary DIetitian)

try calorie cycling, many women plateau as soon as a week after they start dieting due to a drop in their leptin levels.

Hi yeah I?m the same ! I?m being so good and not losing at all. Think I?ve plateaued

Hey Wonderland11- Weight loss plateaus can be frustrating and confusing!
I am not sure you saw these blog posts. These can be helpful to read over to help get your weight loss going again. Let us know if other questions remain. All the best, Joanna (MND Dietician)

I?m a type1 diabetic and a lifetime WW. I track meticulously and find that since my insulin dosage has been increased, my weight has been creeping up even when I stay under the allotted calories and exercise.

Not losing weight?