How do I keep myself from binge eating? Topic

I can't seem to stop myself from overeating. Any tips?

When do you specifically find yourself overeating? At all meals? At night?

Do you weigh/measure your food and portion out just a portion? Do you keep food in the house that causes you to binge?

Eating more fruits and veggies has helped me tremendously. They're low-cal, so you can fill up easily. Staying fuller helps me to not eat too much.

I crave sweets late in the evening. I noticed that when I take Benadryl I get hungrier, too. I wondered if being tired tied into the cravings for sweets at night, so I tried eating a little later and going to bed before I was really tired. Helped me! The whole tired/cravings thing...I might be full of it on that, but it works for me.

Another thing that helps is not having my favorite treats around.

Not having sweets around me is the only way I can keep myself from scarfing down everything lol. I have no self control when it comes to sweets... Do watermelon, u can eat tons and very low cals. Pineapple too. Good luck

Planning is the only thing that works for me! Sometimes I plan my meals for the whole week and sometimes it's the night before, but once I have it logged in I stick to it... For some reason :)

When people say "binge eat" I'm not quite sure if they mean they sometimes overeat or if they suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. Here's a post on BED:

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Overeating sweets and other trigger foods - part of the problem is having access to these foods/drinks and part of the problem is using food to solve the problem of boredom, stress, sadness, or the like. It is hard to relearn habits but it is possible. Knowing when you need a therapist is helpful. And I agree with KLD653 - having a plan in place so that the healthier choice is the easier choice is a great idea. And don't buy trigger foods!

So much on this topic. Happy to bat around more ideas.

It's the difference between eating a piece of pizza at 400 calories and eating a half a pie, breadsticks, in addition to the 3 beers. You end up consuming 1800 calories.

Just started. Fourth day. Ate out twice today and I am shocked! I just haven't shopped and I'm going to buy fresh food more often vs once a week.

I am struggling with this too. Stress at work is a trigger....just hearing someone in a cubical nearby with a crinkling wrapper will send me looking for a treat....and unfortunately not the healthy kind. I also find I binge right after work when i get home....anything sweet, salty or chocolate is a vice....(the Christmas pretzels are impossible to avoid). I try to talk myself out of eating bad snacks, but once I have a bite I can't stop.

So hard not to have that first bite! But just one bite of sweets does me in. I continue eating the sugary foods whatever I can find! Get them out of the house! Reward yourself in another way. A big glass of water and a list of all the things you did right today. Snack on raw veggies while fixing dinner

How do I keep myself from binge eating?