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Does anybody deal with sugar addiction? Or dealt with it in the past? I'm 24 and I've been dealing with it for most of my life. It has interfered greatly with my weight loss. How are you dealing with it now? Or how did some of you break the habit?

I like sweets . If I eat cake , etc , I eat it as a meal. Not in addition to a meal . It's not the healthiest thing , but , it keeps the total calories down

I never thought about it that way. I normally feel like I have to have sweets after every meal. Trying desperately to break the habit.

46 years old and still can't get rid of sweet. So counting calories and lot of exercise. Otherwise as my doctor told me: diabetese await you. TC

Do not eat cake as a meal. Sugar is a killer especially in weight loss. Cut out sweets during the week and treat yourself on weekends. I promise you weight will come off. But eat healthy meals, exercise regularly. Calories aren't the issue, what you are is what you eat.

Absolutely. Have to eat right to shed weight. Added sugar is terrible for anyone. Eat nature's candy bars.....fruits...??

I have quite a sugar addiction as well.. I've even tried to take it completely out of my diet (and I mean completely, not consuming anything that had sugar/glucose in the ingredients) as you can imagine it only lasted for a little while and then when I came back to eating sugar I really couldn't hold back at all. What I find works best is rewarding myself with "healthier" sugars and avoiding things like pastries and cakes, I still don't miss out on a birthday cake don't get me wrong, but asking for a smaller slice be better for you in the end. I also always have dark chocolate, 65% or darker, in my pantry, I can east a couple of squares each day and it doesn't impede my weight loss. Though I do exercise regularly. Almonds also help my sugar cravings, otherwise I've switched to using honey (even in coffee, try it you'd be surprised) but organic honey! And maple syrup over my Greek yogurt, cereal and oatmeal. It's a state of mind, you really can eat less of it. For instance when eating chocolate really indulge in it, and eat it very slowly. Also consume enough fiber and protein (increase your protein if you aren't eating much of it) which will hopefully keeping you feeling full enough that you don't want sugar/desserts after meals.

For snacks try the following:
dark chocolate (2 squares or so)
banana/apple and peanut or almond butter
banana pancakes (1 smashed banana, 1 egg, cinnamon, milk if not runny enough, mix, makes about 2 bigger pancakes)
1 tablespoon of organic honey if cravings are bad
frozen yoghurt (chocolate, banana, vanilla)
free grapes, they're like little tiny popsicles great in the summer
fruit smoothies with no sugar added to if you really want to, add honey or maple syrup

Good luck!

I have broken my sugar addiction (no off button for cookies) but not yet my sweet tooth. I could not do it and eat starchy foods as my body just craved more. I recommend completely giving up all carbs for a while and try erythritol or erythritol mixed with stevia if you want something sweet. Even Sucralose/Splenda can help. None of these upset my rather sensitive gut and they are mostly er... eliminated by the body. Try a brand called Sukrin for their products.

You are right! Eating right and staying away from sugar is important to lose weight. You can treat yourself but in moderation.

I am also sensitive to sugar. Eating even the smallest amount leads to binging - 1 scoop ice cream, leads to eating the whole carton. it's like that with all sugar treats. I can't have a small piece of cake or my sugar craving starts again. I had over a year without sugar ( and I was vigilant). I lost about 40 pounds and kept it off, feeling great. I am in a wheelchair so exercise was/is limited. I did some swimming twice a week. Anyway, eating dark chocolate lead me back to milk chocolate and then back to the hamster wheel again. I have to stay away from sugar, honey and maple syrup completely!

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