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for 2weeks diet i lost only 200 gram????

Hello Zika123-
Weight loss in general is really hard! It can take time to adjust our habits and figure out what adjustments pay off the most on the scale. A few questions for you:
1. What is your calorie target at this point?
2. Are you eating up your exercise calories?
How many minutes of moderate planned physical activity are you doing a week?
3. Most importantly, have you been using a food scale to weigh out your portions BEFORE you eat?
Here are a few articles you might review to ensure you are logging accurately and not inadvertently underestimating:
Food logging:
Recipe logging:
Hang in there and let me know how you are doing. Be Well, Joanna (Dietician)

Are we supposed to eat up our extra calories we burned off by exercise? And how do we honestly know how many calories we burn off during the exercise we log? I am in the habit of guesstimating. This will be my second week using this app. I hope I?m utilizing it correctly!

Hi ElseyJo780, the default setting is to add exercise calories burned to the Calories Budget since MyNetDiary system will calculate if you are meeting your calories deficit needed to reach your target weight by your target date you set up in Plan. I would use Sedentary overall activity level if you log exercise (and don't log basic activities of daily living like cooking, reading, standing). You can learn more in this article:

Generally if your Calories Budget is below 1200 calories, I recommended keeping the default setting on so that your calories intake doesn't have go so low to meet your calories deficit for weight loss.

Let me know if you have questions but the article is very helpful.
Kathy (Dietitian)