Finding it extremely difficult to maintain my weight Topic

Hello everyone! Last year, I began my weight loss journey very seriously. I was 88kgs and got down to 75 kgs within 6 months.

That was following a low carb diet. I'm finding it difficult to continue.

Can you help me with what motivates you to keep going and some food choices which definitely help you?

Greetings U3692513- Welcome to MND! Glad you found us. Congrats on your weight loss over the last year. It is a true testament to your focus and dedication! Here are a few articles you might find helpful. Are you still following a low carb diet? Or finding that you feel better on a moderate carb diet? Here at MND we don't advocate one diet over the other, per say. We believe there are lots of ways to eat healthy and finding the approach that works best for your body, lifestyle and health is the most important. With that being said, I included an article on tracking with MND using a low carb approach.
I also included a few other blog articles I thought you might find helpful. We have several dietitians on the forum, so don't hesitate to ask if a diet or nutrition questions arises. You've got this! All the best, Joanna (MND Dietician)

Happy Monday U3692513. How are things going? How was your motivation last week?

I haven?t been doing this for 6 months yet so I can?t give advice but would like to be a buddy to motivate each other on here and compare progress

Hey everyone, i just stared this journey today, let's hope for the best. I'm tired of weighing this much.Good luck to all!!!

Hey U1187190779- Welcome to MND! You sound very motivated to make some changes in what you are eating, what you are avoiding and your activity. That is awesome! Let us know if you have any nutrition or weight loss questions. We are happy to help.
The MND Dieticians~

I just gained 3 pounds from a single meal. I'm finding it really hard to lose back the weight that I put on after eating. I don't know if eating a certain amount of calories is helping though. Help, motivation, advice, etc.?

HI Ajjacobs220- Welcome to MyNetDiary! It sounds like you are looking for some support around getting back on track. During the holidays it can be far too easy to over eat and under-exercise. You are not alone!
Any small steps you can take to start moving in a more healthful direction such as:
1. Committing to eating 3m/day
2. Doing some type of daily planned activity (as your body and schedule will allow)
3. Returning to tracking food and drink intake
Here's an article from our active blog that may help. Hang in there! Joanna (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

Don?t worry you didn?t gain 3 pounds from one meal. Do low calorie for a few days it will come right back off. I do this every week. I eat bad on Friday and Saturday then do 1200-1400 Sunday to Thursday. I will weigh more at the beginning of the week but by Thursday or Friday I?m back to what I was. I keep a weight journal so I can see the effects of eating bad and how my weight does on my monthly visitor. It is very stressful maintaining but so far I?ve done it and even lost without meaning to.

Oh I need to add I do 25,000 to 30000 steps everyday. Of course if I got out of town I don?t but that?s not every weekend

Finding it extremely difficult to maintain my weight