Hi, new here looking for support buddies Topic

Hi, I've been on this site a few weeks now, I have been using it for tracking to compare to WW and I'm gonna switch to full time with this app. I like how calorie counting you can have anything nothing is off limits if you plan it into your calories for the day. I have lost about 15 pounds so far and have 40 more to lose. I'd love some online support buddies, I'm getting the hang of it, the community section seems to be mainly accessible from a computer only. I mostly use the mobile app for tracking. I'm working on continuing my diet and continuing to exercise 3-4 times a week. If anyone else would like to support each other with our goals, please add me:)

Hey Violet, I'm on here exclusively to find an accountability partner. Let's team up!

Good luck with your journey. I have about a month left of mine (hopefully if I can avoid chocolate and beer over Christmas :/)

Happy to help out with motivation and chat x

Hi, new here looking for support buddies