How is everyone doing? Topic

I see that nobody has posted in a while and wanted to make sure that everyone is still doing good. I will start, I am in maintenance phase at this part of my diet and I still document all of my food. My life has changed though. I switched positions at work and now work less days, but I work the night shift. This has created some problems with me trying to figure out what I should use for breakfast and dinner as sometimes my dinner is my breakfast and so forth. I find that on work days I have a hard time getting in my total calories as I have yet to figure out my actual eating schedule. But this is new and I will eventually figure it out.

Hi Spower, hope you have been well. I eventually put all forty some pounds back on over the first two years of my daughters life. I am only back down to my previous starting weight just now and back at the starting line. It seems harder now but maybe I am just older and less motivated. The wife and I are just back to semi-normal sleep so a walk and a shake is an easier sell.

I hope maintenance is still going well, I will try to get some updates on here at least every ten pounds or so, if they start coming off.

I?m a recovering chocoholic but at 72 the resting metabolic rate is so low that I?m not allowed more than 1350 cals/day. Just got a food scale & found i was UNDERcounting intake. That was a HUGE error. With measuring I?m beginning to drop the lbs. finally.

That?s awesome news Jojo_Indy. Usually when I am stuck for awhile it?s because I have started under counting intake. That?s a tough thing to admit to myself but once I do the number starts moving again. Happy for you!

Thx! Am 10 lbs down as of 2day & just finished (badly) playing 9 holes of golf. Man, that exercise really *does* intensify the weight loss.

That?s great news. I find that exercise is great for appetite control as well. And I am an eater.

I am down 22 from the beginning of the year, but really got serious in the middle of May. I and down about 16 from then. This time my loss has been slower than my last run in 2016. But my body has changed more it seems so must be more working out is building muscle. I hope so anyway.

Life intervenes. We just received a triple blow in our family. But i guess MND is really becoming a habit, because i quit recording the day it all happened, but started right back up next day. Things aren?t good yet but i?m ?on plan?... immediate restart is essential.

I hope things are going ok with recording Jojo_Indy. Sorry to hear about the triple blow, sometimes the tracking seems like extra work but then other times it can be stability that helps you pull through things.

Thanks! Back into the groove, recording with MND, & have increased the exercise somewhat. My clothes fittin? a lot better, yay.

I hope you got the eating schedule worked out and all is well Spower. Time for an update on how everyone is doing? Still slow going for me, still not down to 2016 weight but still dropping. Clothes are fitting better so that?s a plus, in another ten pounds I will overtake my previous low in the last 20 years.

How is everyone doing?